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for A Little Continuation to Something Cinderellaish

1/11/2009 c2 13Otaku-Rehab
Aw, total cuteness! Update soon so I can read Kyo's reaction, which I seriously cannot fathom.

1/11/2009 c2 PS
Beautiful :)

i love it, the story and your writing skills haha
1/11/2009 c2 11anothermiracle
POOH~! haha~! its so cute~! and yes i do understand it! yay! i cant wait for the next chapter! i want to see what kyo's reaction is like~! after readin that i mean.. XD yay~! gives cookies to Anippe~! kudos~!

1/10/2009 c2 7azherd
its good! i hope u update often. is her mother in the story the aunt/cousin she went back to stay with after her grandfather's house was renovated?
1/10/2009 c1 11anothermiracle
yay! first reviewer! mann! i want to know! what the hell happens! my GAWD! hurry update OK! OMG! update update!1
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