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10/8/2010 c2 5Aoirann
It's Shelly De Killer again isn't?
9/15/2010 c3 5SierraSilver
...It's Doctor Hotti! The evil, evil doctor armed with Chloroform!

Good job with the scientific portion of the story, I look forward to seeing what happens next. (And if my theory is correct.)

9/15/2010 c2 SierraSilver
Phoenix should start all of his telephone conversations like that.

Phoenix: "Who're you, scumbag?"

Edgeworth: "Excuse me, Wright!"

I liked the added element of the court case, I wonder what Phoenix will do with Apollo esentially dead (not really, but...) and no one else to defend...

Good job.

9/15/2010 c1 SierraSilver
Good in theory, bad in practice, Apollo. You can never predict what a crazy, kidnapping, maniac is going to do when someone's in the path of his escape vehicle. I hope you don't die.

Anyway, suspenseful beginning, and your first-person writing style is good. I also like Ema's dialogue. Good job, reading more shortly.

9/14/2010 c9 18PXLight
Well it sure did take you long enough to update this! =O It's been like a YEAR! Well, on the bright side, the plot's moving along, which is always a good thing.

It was too obvious when I read "-craving for pickled onions-"

She's pregnant with Leo's baby (or whoever... I can't even remember the name of the characters that well anymore... sorry).

I REALLY hope you update SOONER this time! =D

4/11/2010 c8 35Shinichi06
Hmm, I'll be waiting for an update!
12/12/2009 c7 7The-Eighth-Sin
Heck YES he's a winner.
12/12/2009 c7 3chocolate.heaven
Ohh, I am in love with this. When Trucy was kidnapped, I was literally shaking. I laughed at Phoenix swiping Apollo's badge. And now I want more.


Everyone is perfectly in character and there are parts that make you laugh, set you on edge and plain confuse you (like Payne as a witness). It's wonderful.
12/7/2009 c6 WesBelk
Having played all 4 games, and good portion of the manga this is quite good! I like how you've pretty well pushed the lowly character of Apollo Justice and bringing the man, Phoenix Wright back into the spotlight! Which well deserved, you should have called this "Rising" as in "Rising from the Ashes!" I always thought they had that sort of plot in mind because of Phoenix's name, but alas it doesn't seem it is to be. So now all we have left is Fan Fiction and yours is definitely done very well, and the switching of perspectives keeps things fresh. However, just as we're about to get to the good stuff... Its stopped! I hope you finish, because this was just starting to take off!
12/7/2009 c6 7The-Eighth-Sin
Hurp a durp. I was grinning as well.
1/25/2009 c4 RavenousMax
For the sake of being nice, I'll review - it's a pity that a nice story like this hasn't even got any reviews.

It seems one of my newfound facts are true - Ema Skye has more chances of being "In Character" in non Klema fanfics - true that.

This is ingenious - I love your logic about the crime itself, Trucy being kidnapped and the humor of Winston Payne being the witness - everyone is strictly in character and the plotline is running smoothly to my tastes.

Quite the gem of fanfiction work, ja?

Nice to see semi-regular updates with a nice chunky chapter.


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