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for A Matter Of Trust

10/8/2019 c3 Tina Nightray
I can't explain how mixed up I feel at the moment~ I love it so much~ hope things works out for poor shadow~ thank you for this amazing fiction~
9/5/2019 c6 NovaDeer
If Shadow doesn't kill Amy I WILL
8/1/2018 c23 anon
this was a great story, and i'm a bit upset that it hasn't been updated in forever. please do continue this story, i need to know what happens.
1/10/2018 c23 Guest
Best story ever, more i need more
12/12/2017 c23 Upsidedown
Updated plz and Happy hoildays! :-)
9/9/2017 c23 1Lamini2004
This is amazing. seeing how our two hedgehogs act under the control of the comander. I reallt hope you update soon
9/9/2017 c18 Lamini2004
Wow! so sonic and shadow have the same wavelength?! Kinda reminds me of love. U know, when two people are on the same wavelength like they really understand each other and are MEANT to be together 3
9/7/2017 c3 Lamini2004
First I got a little confused cause Shadow and Sonic didn't knkw each other. Then I thought blaze was the "fire thing" and now it's chaos? I gotta read more to find out
7/27/2017 c23 Guest
I stumbled along this years ago and loved it. I came back to it multiple times than completely forgot about it. I'm very excited to see more of the story if more of it comes. Great job, you're a fantastic writer.
4/30/2017 c23 littledragon12344
Finally after so much time new update ** Yayyyyyyyyy
4/20/2017 c23 Guest
I really love this! But alas, another abandoned potential. I only found this now after years of searching for some quality storytelling. Why can't things like these be easy to find so they can become extremely popular!
4/20/2017 c23 Guest
Omg! I'm a couple years late but I hope this might grab SOMEONES attention. I find the ideas in this, fairly simalar to my own. Especially ferrel expressions and the chaos link. I'm sad it stops at 23 tho. I'd totally be happy to finish it myself XD
5/13/2016 c23 Deanie
Hi! I've been reading and waiting for this story to continue for two years at least and I was wondering if you could take this suggestion of mine into mind. The commander could be displeased with the fact that Sonic and Shadow weren't able to retrieve the DAMN fifth chaos emerald and lash out in rage and hit Sonic. Shadow would be told to help Sonic out and therefore wake his innocent side! How 'bout it? Love your work! Stay happy!
4/29/2016 c23 Kayju7
Will you be finishing this?
12/26/2015 c1 SandersCats
3 years, feels like 10. This story was so important to me back then. It is one of the first and certainly the best sonadow fanfic I've ever read. I feel like rereading it, but the thought that it will stay unfinished forever is just so depressing...
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