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for Isle Esme: The Lost Chapters

1/11/2009 c6 8Chibi Bee-Chan
Hehe, You're Welcome 8D!

-The Epic Writer
1/11/2009 c6 chicagobella
Please continue! I would also *love* to read more after Bella's change!
1/11/2009 c6 1Lizabeth1
Whew! This is so superfire hot! Please, please, please continue! I'm loving this!
1/11/2009 c6 angelspinknose
please finish the story
1/11/2009 c6 Carlisle060
id like to hear more :)
1/11/2009 c5 WritingMySins
reviews are always nice!

I love it. :-) Thank you. So exciting.
1/11/2009 c5 Carlisle060
thats really what couldve happened

it hink you're a great writer

for these parts


1/11/2009 c5 Merciless Vixen
Great story, well written!
1/11/2009 c5 9twilight lover9
ill review again then :D

good good good chapter!
1/11/2009 c5 pegsmyth
Very hot & sensual! And very well written.
1/10/2009 c5 Scorpion Glow
1/10/2009 c5 angelspinknose
Freakin' steamy
1/10/2009 c4 Scorpion Glow
This is really good.
1/10/2009 c4 9twilight lover9
u have one of the best hooneymoon stories ever! keep writing!
1/10/2009 c3 WritingMySins

That was awesome! :)
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