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for Isle Esme: The Lost Chapters

9/8/2010 c1 deleepowman
Wowsa, really enjoyed your interpretation a lot more than SM
9/7/2010 c1 1diehardtwifan
hahahaha im back...i hope you remember me from TLTJ & TSL...i think this first chapter is absolutely amazing!


9/6/2010 c5 6mugglemom08
I never get tired of reading Isle Esme fics w/o the annoying fade-to-blacks.
9/6/2010 c4 mugglemom08
It's a damn shame something like this can't be included in the Breaking Dawn movie. ;)
9/6/2010 c3 mugglemom08
9/6/2010 c2 mugglemom08
Bella kept very still and let him work through his internal conflict. His eyes were closed and his jaw was clenched tight. Slowly, he gained control again and met her speculative gaze. Bella waited till he loosened the grip on her arms and leaned back on his elbows again. Holding his gaze, she lowered her head and brushed her lips against the head of his cock. His head hung back, and his breath hitched in his throat. He swallowed deeply and then pulled his head back up to watch as this woman slipped her mouth over him.

That is the sexiest, most erotic mental image. I love it when Edward is barely holding on to his self-control-the primal, animalistic side of him drives me WILD.
9/6/2010 c1 mugglemom08
Pretty sure I just combusted.
9/6/2010 c5 EmoryB123
Whoa! "fun" is putting it mildly! I wish they would talk to you as they are making plans for Breaking Dawn the movie!

You did a great job! I was just hoping you would get to the point where BElla realized she was preggo.

Where do you think they will split Breaking Dawn for the end of the first film?

Keep up the good work!
9/6/2010 c2 EmoryB123
...the sight of him completely nude was ambrosia. His body was completely flawless, the sinuous curves of his chest accentuated by the flat planes of his stomach, leading down to his apex in a sharp V formation... - That is so hot! And so well said!

Really liking this one!
9/6/2010 c1 EmoryB123
Hot! I am glad you have decided to spice up SM's version! I am glad that I found this story of yours!
8/28/2010 c5 Isabellamariesummer
haha i know he is purfect
8/21/2010 c5 1Beans827
Hey there...that was lovely! If only SM had included that and had skipped the whole Reneesme debacle! really great job! Thanks for shaing it. BTW, it was mentioned on Coldplaywhore's underappreciated fics, so you may see a spike in reviews. Take care.
8/20/2010 c5 akjamma
I loved your take on this ! I would get a kick outta it if Stephenie Meyer were to read this !
8/20/2010 c1 akjamma
great story ! Ive added it to our "underappreciated yet awesome twilight fics" so more readers can get in on this one !
8/11/2010 c4 Sue
WOW, WOW, WOW! Beautifully written and very true to character. Amazing work - well done. This is how it should have been. The best one I have read.
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