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9/2/2018 c1 EwJKO
Veri n1c3jZ3st0ridh
10/4/2016 c5 guest
Gorgeous! I just recently stumbled onto Dazzle, the anime, and I am hooked. Sadly they didn't make a 2nd season, but I am starting the manga! These shorts are spot on - longing to read more! You're so amazing.
8/5/2011 c5 46Ripplerose
Awww. These little snipets are so sweet! 3 thanks so much for posting them. Are u gonna add more? And isn't Alzeid just the awesomest? :D
5/2/2010 c5 15huffspuffsblows
I really, really, really love this. Its so delicate and simple, yet, deep and brings out those little personal endeavors of these guys. Wonderful work 3
12/13/2009 c5 6Felling
Cute... 3
11/24/2009 c5 2Proof of Nothing
I like this. =) I can't wait for an update. ^^
9/11/2009 c5 32Silver-Serval
I love your story! Baroqueheat's chapter-drabble-thing was my favorite though, by a long shot. x)

You're doing such a great job with portraying the characters, and as far as I can tell, your spelling and punctuation are perfect. So some more kudos!

Oh! And thank you so very much for the inspiration and the confidence you gave me. ^^ I'm off to write my own Dazzle fic now.

- Silver
5/29/2009 c5 4Gaku-chan2690
such cute chapters
4/14/2009 c5 6Rahzelia

Good job on capturing the essence of the relationship of the characters in Dazzle~
3/27/2009 c5 1wannabevampire13
*Funny look on my face* I love it.
3/26/2009 c5 18kiuna'yukina
I don't even know what this manga is, and I can't find it, but reading about the characters from your story makes me want to know them. :D
2/14/2009 c4 5ShadowShinigami13
Hello, just wanted to say that your four short pieces really catch the story of Dazzle. So great job!

1/19/2009 c4 littlebellbunny
O.O Wow. I think this is great! It's so short, but so impactive. And I'm glad you liked my Dazzle story, too. I have a habit of reading the story's my fans write too, so I give them a bit of what they gave me. Anyways as i said before, this is good. I LOVE YOU! Ahaha. Well, perhaps not "love", but you get the idea. Love the writing. Okay this is a long enough review.


1/16/2009 c4 1wannabevampire13
I love it! Please write more it's short.
1/13/2009 c4 15Simplice
That last line made the whole story worth reading.
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