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5/16/2019 c6 8TinkStar87
Oh this is good! Really hope you come back and finished it someday. Read ya Later ;)
8/1/2009 c6 Monday the 14th
I had a feeling it was rachel.

interesting story, update soon!
4/16/2009 c6 77Teddy R. Lupin
u seriously need to update! rachel & bruce! yay!
2/1/2009 c3 13chittychittybangbang16
ah, oh my gawd this is so good
1/31/2009 c4 51Theodore Hawkwood
Wonderful! Rachel survived. I can't wait to see Bruce's reaction to that piece of news.

Keep writing these chapters.

1/30/2009 c3 4sanmi
Yeaa it continues.

Nice touch with the "girlfriend"

I loved how shattered you made him after Rachel with visiting the grave and seeing her in passers by.

Please continue I can't wait till he meets Selina :-)
1/16/2009 c2 sanmi
I love this.

Your writing is exceptionally beautiful.

I would have never thought of an original catwoman. Loved the touches with the lipstick and background...Please keep this up I'll be watching^^

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