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for Sparkling's and Oreos

8/9/2015 c1 3Alana-kittychan
So cute
4/11/2015 c1 14Yogiplier
poor prowl... and poor oreos
blue is such a handful but he's still so cute :)
6/26/2012 c1 12Sounddrive
Oh Blue, you little rascal! Lol
2/2/2012 c1 DreamWeaveBeliever
Aww so cuuute
1/28/2012 c1 Crazygrrl XD
Sparking Bluestreak is SOOOOOOOOO cute! -3
7/25/2009 c1 42optimus prime 007
That was so cute! :)
6/28/2009 c1 26Dragowolf
The cuteness of the family moment! LOVE IT! This was wonderful! Love it! Bluestreak was adorable! Absolutely adorable!
1/17/2009 c1 xXxAngelicskyxXx
ROTF can't not stop laughing as this is so funny but why did you give him oreos
1/13/2009 c1 5AutobotStarlight
Aww...very cute. ^^ Poor Prowl, but I'm sure Jazz will make it up at some point. ;D Great job!
1/11/2009 c1 Biologs07
Sweet story! I loved it!
1/11/2009 c1 flamingmarsh
this was cute =)
1/11/2009 c1 34Misao-CG
*¬* SO CUTE! This fic is so sweet that my teeth hurt. Caring for a sparkling is always hard, but so worthy! *O* AND SPARKLING BLUE IS SO CUTE!

Love this. You're Great.

Here, have a cookie jar! ^¬^ Just baked them. o.o and please, give this energon-cookie to Jazz to administer! n_n


1/11/2009 c1 Elita One
aww that was so cute

a baby blue is just to cute for words

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