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6/4/2014 c18 nazurath92
I love beautiful endings they make me soo happy :)
6/4/2014 c9 nazurath92
That's high School for ya :)
10/23/2013 c18 Guest
I just finished it and I love it! This is so lighthearted and cute. I can't wait to read another one of your stories!
7/16/2013 c18 KizuCat
overload of cuteness! XD X3 Yuuram 4ever!
10/31/2012 c18 16damons-hot-as-hell
awwwwwwwww thats super cute i love it
12/13/2010 c18 5The Akuma's Sakura Violin
It... was... so... GOOD!

I loved the characterizations, and the plot, and hating on your OC's xP

I have to say, I was a bit confused with the whole 'I'm german with a jap name' thing, so it was nice to see you clear it up ^_^

The only real "problem" I had with it, is towards the start, Wolfram was PRETTY OOC, I mean, he has MAJOR pride problems, I find it hard to believe he'd just be like: I'm gonna wear a dress to spy on my boyfriend? Cool!

You know what I'm saying?

But apart from that, t'was epic! Keep it up!

5/27/2010 c18 4AshleyTangerine
Cho chweet! And I'm screaming like a lunatic at Yuuri's fessing up!
4/27/2010 c18 11SakuraAddiction13
aw i loved this story! It was amazing and super funny!

Theres just one thing im disappointed in... they didnt kiss. once. at all! that sucks! I just love them together and its weird that after all that they didnt even kiss once :D

But other than that minor detail... i think you are an amazing writer and i really liked this one :D

1/14/2010 c18 6Sarakitteh
Wow this fic is totally amazing and adorable XD

Wolfram and Yuuri are so cute x3
12/23/2009 c18 6XZanayu
That was so sweet! Wonderful ending! Great job!
12/23/2009 c18 12Daydreamer-Of-The-Unknown
Aw that was a cute ending

and I'm so sad that this story

has come to an end now, but I

enjoyed it immensely!

Was really different to other

Yurram stories I've read!

Loved it xD

x Casondrah Kiku x
12/23/2009 c18 3pbub2
That was an awesome ending! Thanks for writing this. It was perfectly fluffy :)
12/23/2009 c18 nevynwatcher
Great story.


12/23/2009 c18 DELETED-ForTheSakeOfApathy
*squeal* I LOVED it with nine "o"s. Fluff is fun. :]

I think I'm gonna wait for your next story, now. You're a great writer.


12/23/2009 c18 Akira.Nagato
Aww, it already ended.

When I read about the previous chapter [that you stated it would end] I thought they would kiss..

Spectator much.

Anyway, congratulations for finishing this (though it already ended).

I really love reading this


Yuuram-chan 16.3

Akira Nagato/Jiro Nishimura -Male disguise-

Peace Out! -Truly Mine-
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