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5/27/2013 c1 RobinaRain
What I really want to know is how she died...
7/25/2011 c1 33Itban Fuyu
It wasn't horrible at al!

Since the first or second paragraph I could tell that he was visiting her grave...

It was so sad!

You wrote it so very well that I could almost feel his sadness, guilt and desperate...

And it almost made me cry, too!

I'm impressed! You should keep writing, but not only sad stuff, ok?

Itban Fuyu
5/8/2010 c1 Drifting One
I didn't think it was horrible at all. in fact, it made me cry. No, really, it did. Very sad.
3/13/2010 c1 86BabyBeaver
Sad, but good.

I had a feeling she'd died. Or was a statue like Terra in Teen Titans, but that totally doesn't fit with X-Men, hah.

Anyway. This is pretty well-written. =)
9/3/2009 c1 9kissmygizka
That was sad... really sad... very well written but sad... good job you made me cry... so so sad... GREAT JOB!
8/6/2009 c1 7Always an Angel
I had a feeling she was dead...so sad. Poor Kurt, still believing it's his fault 3 years later. Lovely piece.
7/25/2009 c1 727's Fury
OMG It's so sad!~ I thought it was a great piece, even if it DID make me wanna cry
7/6/2009 c1 10Gasp- Dead Deer
-gasp- wow, i've got tears in my eyes. That's SO SAD! Having a b-day in the surrounding 11 months of February, this story is very heart clenching, and now ive gone emotional. I want to say how cute it is that Kurt goes to her grave for the last 3 years, but, considering the circumstances...yea, makes it a little hard. Bt anyway, loved how de story was very original in its own way. I haven't seen the entire 4 months of X-Men, so I dnt know if she accually died, but I loved the story nonetheless. Keep up the good work!
6/8/2009 c1 21Yellow-eyed-wonder
Wow, that was so good. Gave me chills.
5/29/2009 c1 25Link Fangirl01
-sobs- I-I got the message. -sniffles-

Kurtty 4ever, none better. -cries some more-
4/12/2009 c1 XXMelly JellyXX
oh its really good its so sad! i started crying *sniff sniff* love it
2/28/2009 c1 16demonlrd66
"Horrible"? What is wrong with you? That was so good... and so sad... when I read the summary I figured they were having a fight or something but...

You got your point across (or at least I got it). It was beautifully sad.

Well done.

~ Demonlrd
1/17/2009 c1 13Eris R. Lebeau
Oh, very touching! I did guess that he was talking to Kitty's grave, but not at first. And you took the time to throw in a lot of German to make Nightcrawler IC- excellent!

Don't disparage yourself, btw. Just post and let readers make up their own minds.
1/11/2009 c1 Ondjage
That`s sad. Short but good.

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