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2/22/2016 c8 1Bolle Accidentali
This story is really awesome. I'd love to read some more.
9/18/2015 c7 me
Pllllllllllzzz finish this plzzzzzzzzzzz
8/26/2013 c8 6fanficfantasies
Aww! This is going so good, but you just stopped writing! Please keep going. :) Things just started getting good!
1/30/2013 c8 7Death-Muncher
Love this story lots and lots! :)
12/15/2011 c6 apester
Alright i was rereading some of my favorited stories on here and i stumbled updon this again...still not updated though. Your really killing me here because you havent just abandoned the account and are still writing other stories but why not this one! its soo good and i would love to see it finished or at least continued.

Honestly its great so if you just have writers block and need to bounce ideas or something im totally open to it. im sure tons of other people are waiting for this too.

Thanks for putting what you have up here though. :)
11/10/2010 c8 55Mayhem21
Ok, so I know you haven't done anything with this story in a while, but I really hope you intend on finishing it because it's really very good and I'd love to see how you tie everything together. I want to know how floating lady and the death echo are connected (if they are connected that is which I suspect is the case), I want to know how John reacts to Dean beating up that nasty Todd fellow, and I'd really like to know how the gang is able to keep Dean from kicking it at the end of seven days. Again this is really a great story and I would love to read more. Until then, Happy Writing ;)

11/10/2010 c8 gett
Hey you soooo have to finish this story- It was just getting to the good bit then- what no more?
11/8/2010 c7 apester
AWW i just reread ur story and im still aching to find out more. lol.

really i hope you wind up continuing. please! haha. great job though

P.S. love all your other stories too. your crazy good. :)
10/20/2010 c8 ami
I would love to see this story continued. I'd read it awhile ago and I just read the whole thing again and loved it...well done great writing and banter between the boys.
3/15/2010 c8 Update Please
Im loving this story please update cause its good!
12/29/2009 c8 apester
This is one of the best stories i have read and i sincerely hope you continue with it.

I am aching to know what really is going on with dean. You have amazing plot potential here. And i love the way you showcase his character.

hope to read some more soon.
8/17/2009 c8 Fanny
This is a really good teenchester fic. I just re-read it and realized I haven't reviewed it. But it's just wonderful and I hope you will continue. I love the boys as teenagers and you're doing a great job writing them. Thanks for that!

(okay, very random, but the girl who played Madison is on my tv right now..a character named Jess. weird.)
7/8/2009 c1 slaybelle69
This is a wonderful fic. I hope that you continue to write on in since is very engrossing. I see that you haven't posted in while, but I am going to play cheerleader here and say it is one of the better fics I've read in a while and really want to know where you are going with it. Keep on writing! Great characterizations and dialogue. It keeps true to the characters we know and love on SN.
2/8/2009 c8 linz
Oh no! I hope you haven't abandoned this fic. I LOVE IT.
2/7/2009 c7 harperist
Ok, I actually had to turn on the light in my room after reading about the ghost appearing. Very nice. But it has been so long since you've updated this story! I hope you haven't "Abandoned" this one! Please please give us more. Maybe you should quit your day job so you have more time to write, LOL. (Just kidding about "Abandon" -that's awesome too, so I'm not really complaining that you're updating that one. But how long will you make us wonder about "seven" ? And don't even get me started about Reality Check, which is also fantastic.)
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