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1/13/2009 c2 31Dianne
This is great so far! I really love how you're building up what's happening with Dean and the girl and Dean's tiredness and the insult that Sam gave him. I think Sam will regret giving Dean such a hard time when he finds out that something may be going on with him that isn't normal. Can't wait for more!
1/13/2009 c1 Dianne
This is off to a great start! I'm off to read more.
1/13/2009 c2 masondixon
A very good chapter. I really feel for Sam, wanting so much to have a "normal" life...and yet wanting Dean and his Dad to be with him. And I LOVE Dean and really enjoyed his "meeting" with Tina. But there is something definitely going on here and the death of Caitlin's Dad has to got to be part of it. Looking forward (very much) to your next chapter. Thank You.
1/13/2009 c2 7WastedJamie
I think your story is fantastic so far; please continue. I can't wait to see where you go with this. Brilliant!
1/12/2009 c1 C
Excellent! Great job of capturing the boys' personalities. Can't wait to read more.
1/12/2009 c1 masondixon
A new story! A welcome surprise. And Dean and Sam in high school. That is different for me. And, as usual with your stories, it hooked me right away. No matter the age, I love Sam and Dean. I do look forward to a new chapter and, greedily, a new chapter for Reality Check also. Thank You.
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