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1/2/2015 c1 stranrep
Great! That's the best variant of Valeyard's end! Good work!
10/17/2011 c1 25Aietradaea
Ahh, a bit of therapy for them both. Rassilon knows, they need it!

It's interesting that you wrote this before Eleven's era started, after only seeing his few seconds at the end of "End of Time". It seems to me - and I don't know whether this is just my imagination, or whether you intended it like that - that there's still some residual Ten in this Doctor, and then after the Valeyard has accepted him, the Doctor seems to move towards a bit more like how Eleven turned out in the end.

Y'know, one has to wonder if something like this could've happened to Eleven before we saw him - after all, he does seem to have /internalized/ all that angst...

And I like how you dealt with what could have happened to the Matrix.

Yeah, very for my faves, methinks. :)
10/6/2010 c1 2Nic Coay
Wow. Just wow. The Valeyard has always been one of my favorite characters, played masterfully by Michael Jayston, and you really do him justice here. I mean, you got his personality perfectly. I don't know if you were trying to make the whole thing sound like it was from his point of view, like he was writing it, but you succeeded splendidly whether you intended that or not. It's very hard to come by a good Valeyard story, and believe me I've read the lot (I'm rather surprised I missed yours for so long) but this is easily one of, if not the, best I've read. You really capture the Valeyard here. Which is saying rather a lot coming from me, since I'm one of those sort who prefer to go by the books and believe that the Valeyard lied to the Master and is actually the 13th Doctor. Regardless, I wasn't bothered by that for even a moment while reading this. It was simply wonderful. Easily one of my favorite stories in some time.

On a side note, have you ever seen the 1973 Jane Eyre in which Michael Jayston plays the lead? I just wondered because you seem to write him here very much like the character he was in that show. If you were trying for that, I must say, you really succeeded. It's just great.
8/10/2010 c1 4anemix
I really like the idea of the Valeyard, but there seems to actually be not that many stories centered around it. Though I don't fully understand the Matrix and some other parts (I've only watched the new series), your story makes sense to me in a way to make me feel that if I had watched the old series, I would have truly loved this more. Keep writing!


( . .)


1/16/2009 c1 39JenniferRSong
Quite a nice story. I do hope the Valeyard makes an appearance sometime in the future. He is one of the few really bad guys the new series is missing. If Smith's Doctor is like how you wrote here, he might grow on me. Might.

Oh, and there is now an "11th Doctor" underneath DW characters. Spread the word!

1/14/2009 c1 43teddybowties
Aw...that's so lovely! Finally some peace, eh?

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