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12/28/2015 c1 Neliel Tu Oderschvank Espada 3
more its amazing
8/22/2013 c1 1Zak saturday 1
Please update soon and you can have Naruto have another Vision and start training himself
2/7/2011 c1 Xdeath-godX
Hye i hope u continue this it looks like the shit in progress. i hope its naruxhina or someone sexy, lol.
6/11/2010 c1 Swordhunter89
i hope you can do this story it looks good
5/6/2010 c1 9Dark Hearted Dragon's Master
I think you have an amazing idea. I am actually trying up a new idea for a crossover, but with a bit of a change to it compared to yours.
5/2/2010 c1 Zached123
my two favorite scifi serires is vandread and the chronicles of riddick i like to see a crossover of that.
4/27/2010 c1 loughlin
sorry buddy but really can you PLEASE correct your spelling. Personally I cant read your work because its actually that bad which is annoying because the premises and ideas you have seem really good and interesting but the spelling is simply awful! Which is extremely off-putting. Now if English is not your first language don't take offense, just buy a dictionary if you intend to write in it as it will help your talent amazingly and increase your reader-base tenfold however if it is your primary tongue, good god man/woman! What are you doing? Your profile says your american so that excuses some of your atrocities in the language (sorry couldn't help throw that in, no offense meant because that really doesn't matter) but for the rest? Your twenty according to your profile so you should have some basic schooling at least so please if its just out of sheer laziness that you would put such badly written stories up, stop because expecting someone to read work with such blatant disregard for spelling and such is an insult. Take this review however you like as a flame or as actual feedback it doesn't after all effect me. I just thought you needed to hear it.
11/14/2009 c1 biiy
great beggining when will you update it
10/28/2009 c1 11EDelta88
cool, now all it needs is more chps
1/16/2009 c1 Bluesnowman
Great start.

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