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7/31/2016 c16 KamiRosen
Fun read! Good movement and nice cliffhanger!
7/29/2013 c2 11Independent Dude
I liked this story. You did good job of capturing the characters' voices. especially Walt.
I like that you used minor characters like Alex and Roscoe.
Three minor things I would have changed though: First, you overused the word "brilliant." It made sense for the Doctor to keep using it, but having all the others use it (I think you had Alex use it at one point) started to get confusing. Secondly, in chapter 2, I see that you were trying to have the 2 POV's merge, by changing who was the focus of the narrative and having them refer to the other fandom's characters as "the woman" (I.e, Johnny referring to Rose and then Rose referring to Alex) but it gets confusing in this chapter. A scene break would have been nice. I saw you start using them in later chapters, and I see this was your first story. FFnet doesn't have scene breaks I know. And it is hard to do a POV switch - I am stuck on how to do one in one of my upcoming stories. Thirdly, Johnny Smith doesn't use guns. I think it was OOC for him to so readily accept an anti-Dalek blaster. Maybe if he had grabbed one from a dead soldier to defend Alex. that would have been more in character. But overall, I really liked this story. Especially for your first effort. Kudos.
3/28/2013 c1 SerenDPetty
I really enjoyed this story.
Clearly written, nicely characterized, you even managed to fit it into the cannon of both shows and the BBC book chronology as well. Consider me impressed.
Thank you for the experience.
3/26/2013 c3 Guest
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1/20/2010 c16 4Morrolan
Is good.
3/16/2009 c1 69Pandora of Ithilien
interesting... i'm out of my depth here though; i never watched the dead zone. ;)
2/27/2009 c10 2wildflower1014
I take it you saw the earlier seasons of Doctor Who. Did you watch them on television or do you have them on dvd?
2/20/2009 c8 wildflower1014
I could kind of see Stillson working with the Daleks. So thats how you tied everything together.
2/16/2009 c7 wildflower1014
Hmm, maybe Torchwood? I like how you move the story along so fluidly. I wish I could write a story like this but sometimes I just have trouble with them.
2/10/2009 c6 wildflower1014
Uh oh, that doesn't sound too good. Is the toy that Johnny and Alex saw a Dilect?
2/6/2009 c5 wildflower1014
Poor Alex it must have been hard to feel all of that sadness.
2/6/2009 c5 12eventyraren
I don't know what to say. so i just say update soon and put this up.
2/5/2009 c4 eventyraren
I must say that this looks like a grate story. I am not so in to "The Dead Zone" but I love "Doctor Who" so update soon ok.
2/2/2009 c4 2wildflower1014
The plot thickens, LOL
1/28/2009 c3 jenetri
Great story! I love the Dead Zone and there are so few stories about it.
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