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for 1776: Molasses to Rum to Lace

9/27/2013 c1 9Living Memories
Hello. Not a lot of people write fanfiction for 1776, but this one is so great! Rutledge would do that, wouldn't he? Please continue of you have time!
11/19/2011 c1 49Genuine-Discord
Perfect! This is so good!
11/17/2011 c3 Genuine-Discord
lol only neddy would...
8/29/2009 c3 13Historybuff
Oh, I'm liking this story a lot. First of all, I'm very fond of pretty much any scrapping between Dickinson and Adams. Secondly, I'm highly amused by Rutledge's interviews with the various congressmen. So typicaly of Jefferson to be ridiculously obsessed with France. Anyway, I hope you continue with this. So far it's totally awesome.
7/22/2009 c1 teapartyfoul
I love you for writing 1776 fics! There aren't many out there. My fandom, the musical "Assassins", is the same way. I hope this story hasn't died, 'cause I like it a lot. Great job! :]
2/5/2009 c1 Historybuff
Cool story! I love the plot. I'm not just saying that. I really hope you continue with it. Not only are the characters beautifully written, but I love the totally crack-fic-ish storyline. Edward Rutledge: Fashion expert. Well, I guess he does have those awesome flowered vests. Best line: "You're looking for perfection, I assume?" I think I need to start using that when people call me. Such a Rutledge thing to not only think, but say. LOL. Anyway, as I said, I hope you keep working on this! And your other story too, if you feel like it! :D
1/28/2009 c1 1lovethepumpkinhead
OMG! No one reviewed this story yet? Fer shame. . .we need more "1776" stories on this site.

This story looks promising. Please continue.

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