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for Flying with Tattered Wings

12/10/2020 c11 2alexelle
Amazing series. Will The Road Not Taken be posted? What the Future Holds says updated in 2019 so I am hopeful it's not forgotten!
11/2/2020 c10 2Summers fang
Wonderful work creative and thrilling
11/2/2020 c11 Summers fang
Absolutely beautiful. Thrilling, heartfelt beauty. Lovely.
Broken mind, fractured soul,
shadows within the light and
flying with tattered wings,
All astounding works. magnificently written, touching and a MUST read.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful works.
11/2/2020 c1 Summers fang
Absolutely thrilling
4/27/2020 c11 minu2014
The road not taken has been posted yet? I really enjoy this series that you wrote...
3/25/2020 c11 Yooo
I was bawling at knowing this was the end and it's not! I'm so excited to keep reading. Phenomenal story! Thank you
4/22/2018 c10 SerpensPrincess
2/1/2018 c11 Guest
I just binge-read from the beginning of BMFS, and now I'm caught up! What a fantastic story! I really, really enjoyed reading. I hope you get the chance to start posting The Road Not Taken sometime soon. _
12/25/2017 c9 Guest
I KNEW IT! Immediately when Shadow's eyes widened I knew Fred and George merged or became the same person. Ha ha I feel proud. By the way I know it's been many years but I have to say your writing is like d best. Gods you are like Merlin seriously I love ur writing. You make me feel as if I'm a character in the story and I can just feel on the emotions. It's intense alright and I love every single bit of it. Thank you for writing
5/24/2017 c11 87babyvfan
I will check that out later
5/24/2017 c10 babyvfan
*breaks out the piano, toying around with the keys and breaking out into song* We reached the end of a saga/in Harry and Draco's lives/another closing chapter/filled with twists and turns surprises/wonder and pain and loss/but also looooove *pause and then breaks into a fast pace* it was definitely a crazy adventure/but it ended on such a good note/Harry and Draco got their happy ending/with a sweet sweet wedding/all thanks to you, dear Sensibly/you knocked another HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

*grins and takes applause, bowing low* what can I say? Draco inspired me to do that little number. I'm aware it doesn't rhythm but hopefully I get some points for effort.

And hopefully the song said enough but in case it didn't. I will. Another great job
5/24/2017 c9 babyvfan
Dear lord, dear lord.
5/24/2017 c8 babyvfan
As far as I'm concerned the love scene deserved a 100 reviews. At least. Readers I swear can be funny. They plead, beg, and demand for more. And yet when you deliver more, you get nothing but radio silence. I think the love scene was beautiful, Sensibly, and that this chapter was amazing.
5/24/2017 c7 babyvfan
Hot dig, hot damn. When you're right. You're right. What can I say other than awesome? Incredibly incredibly awesome :D
5/24/2017 c6 babyvfan
Awwwwww is pretty much all I can say. Awwwwww. That, and for once I was team Ginny. For a good two minutes during the slap she delivered to Hermione. I do disagree with her on one ascpet. Ron isn't totally innocent but he does have a point. He gave himself up to save her
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