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5/27/2020 c1 Unknown user
Can you please make a "Danny Phantom" and "Sly Cooper" crossover?
10/19/2012 c20 6bloody raptor
no problem :)
10/19/2012 c20 Tello
HEYY! you guys came back and finished your story! thats awesome. I'm happy. It was awesome. I like the last few chapters a lot. You're right about the improvement thing. Y'all are awesome!
10/19/2012 c20 19Eternos137
Yay! A Sequel!
10/19/2012 c19 3Preemtive Karma
Hi guys, nice to see an update! I really liked these two chapters. :)
10/18/2012 c18 6bloody raptor
Its nice hearing from you again its been a long time
10/18/2012 c18 19Eternos137
W-W-W-W-W-W-What's wrong with Jak?!
10/18/2012 c10 9nickorin fusionspark
more please.
9/16/2011 c17 19Eternos137
This is a Damn good story! PLEASE CONTINUE!
8/31/2011 c17 1UmiRei92
Lol. I'm glad I read your story. Keep up the good work. Update when you can please.
7/31/2011 c1 UmiRei92
Wow... Do you not believe in paragraphs? Also, letting Light Jak and Dark Jak be their own people; what's with that?
6/27/2011 c15 fluffi-dinosaur
Okay, defiantly my favourite chapter!

With Blaze and Shadow.. it was just hilarious XD

I want more of them :3
2/15/2011 c10 6Iris Fieldsman-Hale
me:*picturing danny shirtless* oh my...*drools a little*

jak:*waves a hand in front of my face* um...Precursia to Sissi,Precursia to Sissi,you copy?

me:*jumps about 10 feet in the air*WHOWHATWHENWHEREWHY?*remembers what i was gonna ask before i got distracted by danny who in MY mind has a four-pack ;D*oh yeah,can i use the shirtless danny thing in my IY/DP(inuyasha/danny phantom) xover?(haven't published it yet srry) please?
11/11/2010 c17 1random hyper person
11/11/2010 c16 random hyper person
RHP: :D More Shadow!
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