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for The Legend of Spyro: Age of Heroes

1/26/2009 c26 8Aduro Tri
Well, I really Like this story...Poor Flame...He lost someone he cared about...thats always the worst thing that can happen to you

Don't Touch my Whip Cream,

~Aduro of the Dragons~
1/25/2009 c26 Flamrok
Nice job keeping the suspence and drama, though there are more typo's and misspells. Also when are you going to add something that will make it an M rating? Because if you put it in the T rateing i'm sure you would have more reviews and more people would be able to read it. Well thats all bro, later!

1/25/2009 c20 Flamrok
Very nice story for it being your first one. Only thing I've noticed is that it have some typo's and some of the words are misspelled, other than that the story is great. Later!

1/24/2009 c26 13Given-Inside
You are by far the first author in 4yrs to get me to read an entire 26chap story in 2 days! The dialogue, the drama, detail, all of it...absolutely astounding! I felt Flame's heart break practically on this chapter, and it's been incredible. Just to say it, I have 2 dislikes:

1) a lot more typos and misspellings

2) Do you have any plans to make this worth an M rating? Right now, I can see A LOT of people reviewing this if it were on T.

Anyways, it's faved, alerted, and I want TO know if Ember lives or not. I could be that dramatic reviewer with the "Update or I'll vaporize you" but I hate rushing people. Make it good, homie :)


1/24/2009 c26 8NoOneToWorryAbout
Whoa... That was pretty intense! Not just this chapter... But all the chapters u posted today (21-26)

Keep up the awesome job and I can't wait for the next batch of chapters!

Anxiously waiting,

1/24/2009 c1 8Aduro Tri
This story is okay...its nicely written, etc.

~Aduro of the Dragons~
1/23/2009 c20 4cartoonfanatic1
What's there to say dude, this story is... AWESOME! It's well written, besides a few grammer errors it is top graded material. You post chapters really fast, either that you have loads of free time or you type very fast. Can't wait for you next chapter.
1/22/2009 c3 13Given-Inside
I honestly can't stop laughing! By far the greatest post-DoTD I've read. Humorous, romantic, dramatic, and above all extremely well written. I just went through three chapters, but I for sure will go through the rest tomorrow. On a bad side, I noticed a few errors. First, on many times you've placed "her" instead of "him" (happens a lot, I blame poor secondary proofreading, myself), and there was another instance where you placed "And" instead of "an" (just typo, but figured I'd point them out). Sorry, I can't be a good critic if I just give hype, lol. Everyone needs something to fix, and I personally get bored of those "Way to go, update soon" reviews, lol.

Still, I'm in love with this. I'm shocked to see only 5 reviews on it...maybe I can do something to help...


1/21/2009 c16 1lorephunk
Ten out of five, dude. Really! Well thought out scenarios, excellent wordplay, unignorable drama; everything a great story needs. Fifteen out of ten! :)
1/21/2009 c16 8NoOneToWorryAbout
Awesome story do far! I see nothing wrong with an I like how everything is playing out! Definetly putting the on alert. Looking forward to chapter 17

Anxiously waiting,

1/21/2009 c9 NoOneToWorryAbout
I liked this chapter. Especially the dance scene. It was very well done.

Now to catch up with the rest of the story lol
1/21/2009 c16 Zoloth
Brilliant story, cant wait for the next chapter, there were a couple of chapters however that seemed to have a significant jump in between eachother, which is a little confusing at times
1/20/2009 c8 Nice Story. but
Chapters 7 and 8 are the same chapter
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