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2/25/2009 c12 albatrossaroundyourneck
hey i was getting that major glitch for a few days too so i think the whole login part of the site was down but don't worry we forgive you and btw you are evil, this isnt bribery that is completely blackmail! we may not forgive you for that if you don't update again very very soon :P if not, well even jazz bond won't be able to save you!
2/25/2009 c12 1wannabevampire13
I so care! I love this story, can't wait. Later ~Nicki
2/25/2009 c12 9Thunder's Blade
wow she was HARSH
2/25/2009 c12 teekayy120
OMG, That was so mean to just leave it there :(

I'm sad, :'(

You need to update really really soon

2/25/2009 c12 1ApplePeaches15
2/25/2009 c12 Maya The Sadistic One

I can't believe Edward.

(Then Again, I never can .
2/25/2009 c12 97A Fire in the Attic
Egad! :( but :) Yeah, I have mixed emotions. They're sorta kinda together, yay! :D
2/25/2009 c12 9twilightsun01
AHH! I hate you! But I still love you! (in a completely NONSEXUAL way!) Grr. Why'd you have to go and do that? Couldn't she have just said, "Oh yeah," and then gone down to Jake and been like, "Get outta my life, BITCH!"? Oh well. What's done is done. =P
2/25/2009 c12 2b00ked31
why would you do that! huh? why that was good! screw you! but keep writing k?
2/25/2009 c12 Wallis K
okay seriously, I can not count on other people reviewing (even though they should) so instead of taking your bribe (which in a way I already am by commenting) I will return it with blackmail.

If you don't update VERY soon (I mean like a week missy) I will . . . Do something so bad that I can't even right it down. Actually I change my mind. I will pick a random date (today, tomorrow, next week whatever) and if you have not updated by then, I will have something awful happen. The best part is, is that you will not know this date MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA so update soon or a terrible accident could happen. *evil smirk*

Yeah so this is me trying to get you to update, but in all seriousness there are people out there who love this story but don't feel like reviewing every chapter because on the inside we are all lazy bums. So don't let that be the judge of when you update because it can be very sad for those who love this story.
2/25/2009 c12 13halle
it is awesome! keep writing. please! i love ur cliffies and hate them at the same time. can't wait for the next chapter.
2/25/2009 c12 Nana.Ivashkov
this is so good.
2/25/2009 c12 3izzzyy
More! Give me more! I was so happy when Edward finally made his move, but now I'm just banging my head on my desk.
2/25/2009 c12 1twilightlover427
Update soon Please!
2/25/2009 c12 4Hannah'Collen68
haha..emmett as a banana? HILLARIOUS! :)) it kept cracking me up.. :) anywayz.. update soon! would luvv to read more
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