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for The Frozen Chronicles: Inferno Arc

1/19/2010 c10 4ZDarkFox
Heh heh, sorry, that was the final chapter. Made a little mistake but really good I hope you make a squeal.

P.S. did you know you can't review the same chapter
1/4/2010 c11 ZDarkFox
Epic, I was on the edge of seat. Looking forward to next chapter.
12/11/2009 c11 Lynn
Very good even though it was back and fourth between diffrent heros and heroines on diffrent missions at the same timeframe you made it not confusing. So it's an excellent story.
12/1/2009 c6 ZDarkFox
Again really enjoyed it. It gave some of the Sonic characters more of a 3D personality (if you catch my drift). Keep up th good work!

11/26/2009 c4 ZDarkFox
Sorry about the terrible excuse for a review I left earlier. I really liked the wat you combined your charcters (they are your characters right) and the ones from the actual game. I also enjoyed the fact that you used the Freedom Fighters, man was that a breath of fresh air. I don't, however, understand some concepts of the story but I'm sure they will all unfold later. I will review more later but like I said, its Thanksgiving. Overall good story.

Yours truley,


P.S. Cool profile picture, don't know where you got it but pretty cool. It looks like a edited SonicX picture, when he is Super Sonic.
11/26/2009 c1 ZDarkFox
Dear Lloyd Redgrave,

I really enjoyed this story. The introduction of new characters was timely. I will post more reviews later (it's thanksgiving, family)

5/1/2009 c11 4DarkSword512
Yay for accidentally giving inspiration XD

Very nice chapter and very well described. I think it's safe to say Gyro got the ownage factor, as well as Alias. Can't wait for the next chapter!
4/29/2009 c10 DarkSword512
Ooh! Very interesting, can't wait for the next chapter.

I think I know what Squall is thinking - change him back and he'll be alright. I'm not sure, I'm just going off one sentence here :P Good chapter though ^_^
4/27/2009 c9 DarkSword512
Finally got round to reading this :P

I must say this is a very well thought out storyline and very interesting. Ermm... I can't think of anything past that XD

By the way, is it coincidence, or does the gigantic fireball resemble a similar scene from a series called Super Mario Bros Z?

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