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6/20 c4 alucardd13
Muy interesante me encantaría que continuarás así que esperaré
2/3 c4 GuestD
Hurry I need more I need to know what else happen to ranma. You need to make more please.
7/30/2020 c4 FanFiction Newbi
This is a fun story to read. Thanks for sharing. I hope that you are doing well and that you return to writing more for us to enjoy.
4/26/2018 c4 4Monster King
Great story I really liked it please continue it soon.
7/24/2017 c4 James Birdsong
Excellent chapters. I hope you continue this.
6/7/2017 c1 1Neko-Mitsuko
How funny yet sad. X'D
4/21/2017 c4 Guest
Been awhile since I read this fic last. Ah well, at least the reread was enjoyable. Hope you're okay, though.
10/6/2016 c3 7moon so bright
Shampoo's crush is cute.
10/6/2016 c2 moon so bright
I like this Genma - he's doing his best.
10/6/2016 c1 moon so bright
Poor Ranma.
1/22/2016 c4 NightmareKnight1
Is this fic dead? Hasn't been updated in four years. Seems a real shame that something this good just ends suddenly.
11/21/2015 c4 Kitten Arina
It is a shame that this story has sat for as long as it has. Especially sense you have yet to bring in Flur from the Harry Verse that we all so know and love. What you have done has been prettty amazing even if I would have liked it if you had Kept Ranma as a red head when he changes. But other then that I do think you have a wonderful story here and I truly wish that it had been continued instead of being abandon like it has.
11/21/2015 c3 Kitten Arina
This is very interesting while I may have not liked some of the changes that you have done in this story. I will say that this one is a nice surprise and seems to fit and maybe should have been apart of the Original stuff that I love so much.
11/21/2015 c2 Kitten Arina
While I am happy to read that Ranma did actually get cursed and I do admit that this is your story I personally find it better that Ranma was a red head and not a blonde. To many people love Blondes and think that they are gods gift to Man while that may be your preference I like it when the characters aren't always blondes. I like Hermione because of the Brown untameable hair. I like Ranma when they focus on her being a firey Red head. I like Salior Mercury with her strange blackish blue hair. So I personally think you were crazy for changing the Ranko's hair from red to blonde.
11/21/2015 c1 Kitten Arina
I am sorry but I just don't see any of this. While I do believe in his own stick and twisted way that Genma does love Ranma I honestly do not believe that he would have prevented Ranma from getting cursed. Nor do I feel that a story thatprevents Ranma from getting the female curse is going to be able to stay true to the character or Ranma rather if it is a cross over type of story or a straight up cannon type of story.
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