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3/12/2013 c4 peter
wonder how he is going to handle the greedy nabki trying to money off him for being a veela.
3/9/2013 c3 23Byakugan789
An intersting read. This was very well put together.
That being said, I don't like a few of the things you've put in this story, not because of what you've put in so much as how you emphasized or downplayed various bits. Nodoka's new back story for example or the recent match between Ranma and Xian Pu. Whilst I understand that they became friends before their fight so they didn't particularly want to hurt each other and were more intersted in testing the others limits; Manga Ranma Blew through Xian's guard with a single kick and knocked her halfway across the arena with the second. even with a month to observe him Ramna would still clober her in a fight, friendly skill match or otherwise. not outlast, outshine.

As a point of interst I found a fic a while back that I think gave a very good explination of wizarding history and politics of why they seem so backwards now. THis one came out of Were's Harry by DobbyElfLord, I think i saw him on your favorites.

***It has been said by many with extensive experience with the non-magical world that the magical world is long out of date to the advances of the modern times. Some of this is fair and some of it not. Part of the problem stems from it is a foreign culture for all that it exists in the same physical landmass and speaks the same language. Differences that would be accepted when visiting another nation irritate the Muggle-born or pureblood wizard expecting English values and culture.
The problems arose from the splitting of the two worlds in the years shortly before the fall of the Roman Empire to Christianity. An anthropologist would consider a comparison between the two 'worlds' to be a fascinating study of divergent cultural evolution from a common source. The mundane world had great numbers but lacked the ability to meet their needs. Democracy and technology eventually developed to combat the violence, ignorance, and starvation of the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages themselves could be considered a direct effect of the sudden loss of magical resources and solutions. The mundane population had to overcome and adapt to their challenges. Their culture adapted in response to these changes.
On the other hand, the magical world actually saw an increase in resources with the split. Relieved of providing potions and other assistance to the mundane population, the magical population had a surplus. For a short time the magical world saw a period of unprecedented expansion and discovery but it wasn't to last. Unfortunately, within a generation or two the lack of necessity limited the drive to develop and innovate at the same rate as the mundane world. Despite this, for over a thousand years the magical world maintained distinct advantages in medical care, transportation, education, destructive power, and virtually every other field. This long running superiority led many wizards into assuming a natural superiority over non-magical humans, something incoming muggleborns picked up on. But the mundane world continued to improve. By the mid- 20th Century, the average British mundane's standard of living matched that of their magical counterpart - even if the magical world refused to see it.
One area of difference was in criminal punishment. The magical world did not see much in the way of serious crime. The ability to conjure and transfigure items to meet your needs took away most criminal motives. Minor crimes were punished by loss of a wand temporarily or permanently, home imprisonment (via wards), or use of potions to prevent desire to commit the crime again. Major crimes were limited to murder, rape, Dark Magic use, violent attacks on Muggles, or treason. (Treason covered a wide range from attempts to overthrow the Ministry or repeated/wilfully breaking the Statute of Secrecy.) These crimes resulted in incarceration at Azkaban.
Magical Society functions advertised themselves as a group interested in the study and preservation of Magical culture, history, and heritage. What it really was is an association of the children of the higher strata of magical society. In theory that social position was based on three criteria: Blood lines, wealth, and magical strength. Unfortunately, for the last 100 years, the magical strength criterion was set aside although they still paid lip service to it. At one time, a magically-gifted Muggle-born witch or wizard was sought after to bring new blood and power into a Family line. That started to change when the Muggle world entered the Industrial Revolution.
Suddenly, Muggle technology started to explode. In 1900, the horse was the primary mode of Muggle land transportation just like the previous four thousand years. Yet within fifty years horse travel had been completely replaced by cars. Muggle aeroplanes filled the sky and Muggles had weapons capable of destroying entire cities in a single strike.
As technology improved at an ever increasing pace, the old guard of the magical world felt threatened. Many of the Wizengamot and other leaders of the Wizarding World were born before the invention of the electric light and the telephone. The gap between the standards of living between wizard and standard humans that had been enormous at the time of their graduation shrank for the first time in thousands of years. But it wasn't just that the gap shrank. It disappeared almost completely. Transportation, health care, entertainment, production; suddenly there were areas where the standard world equaled or even exceeded the capabilities of the magical world. And the Muggle-born coming in to the magical world brought those ideas with them.
The magical world had a great deal to be proud of as a culture. Where the standard world was still struggling with racial and gender equality, the magical world was long past that. After all, magical power had never been impacted by either factor. It was just as likely that the wife had a greater magical talent than her husband as the other way around. Yes, one could argue that the magical world treated the non-human magical species poorly but the standard world didn't have a much better track record in their dealings with indigenous people. For example, the magical world never was involved in colonization or human slavery.
The magical world reacted to these rapid changes by closing ranks. Powerful and talented Muggle-borns found themselves barred from advancing in their new magical world. As they pushed for change, the Purebloods closed ranks even tighter. It was in this fear and uncertainty that Voldemort found fertile ground for his particular brand of hate. And if Voldemort hadn't risen on the platform of preserving magical culture (the status quo) it would have been just as likely for another Dark Lord to have risen pushing Muggle-born culture or an aristocracy based solely on magical power.
The Magical Society Club at Hogwarts was the local branch of the elite of Pureblood society. Not necessarily Death Eaters, but also the Light-sided families that existed at that societal level. For every Malfoy, Parkinson, Black, and Nott family, there was a Longbottom, Bones, Crouch, and Patil family to counter them. The 'Neutral' families outnumbered either side alone by enough of a margin that the Dark and Light would have to join together to have any hope of out voting the Neutrals in the Wizengamot. However, the only thing that bound them together was they were all long-established Pureblood families with a vested interest in continuing to maintain their world. They simply disagreed with how to do that.***
3/4/2013 c4 shugokage
Incredible story idea and great job and I do hope you will finish it in the future!
1/7/2013 c4 12mikebreslau
Interesting setup and a nice concept - but there's no story here - only the prelude to a story.

What happens as a result of this variation on a theme?

Also, I like the lack of conflict and the overall niceness, but others may differ.
10/21/2012 c4 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
6/24/2012 c4 3Hiryo
Please update this story soon!
6/19/2012 c4 2vodkaCanidae
Wow! This fic was really pleasant to read and bears much potential! Thank you for writing :)
6/9/2012 c4 9Darklooshkin
Magic has done the impossible; made Genma into the good guy in this. Poor Ranma, poor poor Ranma. What excrement is set to meet your rotary impeller in this universe?
2/10/2012 c4 Rose1948
Wow! Quite different indeed! Looking forward to seeing how this develops. Thanks for sharing!
1/30/2012 c4 1the Original Anonymous
Well, it's cool, but there's a slight issue. I'm all for Ranma and Genma having sense, but they need some flaws for there to be serious plot developments. Don't get me wrong, the fic is cool, and I like the whole veela concept. I just think that flawed characters make for more interesting stories. Feel free to prove me wrong. I await the next installment.
1/24/2012 c3 Henm
Well now, I've found myself liking this fic! Reading is much more enjoyable when the author remembers to spellcheck. You are a rare and certainly appreciated individual in my book.

What else to say?

Genma's background was well constructed and character development believable. And Ranma, Cologne, Shampoo... they were firmly in-character, wow. Great job, great job. Mr. Author i can't wait to see more. I'm quite the fan of Ranma-chan fics, so I hope Veela!Ranma has a strong presence in upcoming chapters.

Thanks for the opportunity to read and goodnight.
1/20/2012 c4 22Narsil
Took me awhile to comment on this one, it got lost in the holiday shuffle, sorry. Overall, I'm definitely enjoying the direction the story's going, and the way you're merging the Harry Potter series with Ranma. If you simply explore how the magical world works in Japan and never mix in individuals from England, it won't upset me at all.

For the writing, while I can't lay a finger on anything specific I think you're improving, this chapter seemed to flow better than your earlier work.

And Akane being banned from the potions lab because they can't figure out how she blew it up is hilarious.
1/18/2012 c4 5angel61991
i cant wait 2 read more. please update soon.
1/8/2012 c4 Final-Fan
Oh this chapter reminded me of something I thought of earlier but forgot about: HOW DOES BEING AT THE EDGE OF A CLIFF STOP A BIRD WOMAN?

But good story, I hope I remember to check back when it updates.
1/8/2012 c2 Final-Fan
You know, the CANON Genma might owe Ranma that kind of groveling, but THIS Genma really did everything possible to avert his son's fate, including taking another curse. "I'm sorry I brought us here, son. I tried to save you, but this accursed place obviously had no intention of letting you go unscathed."

I didn't realize the Veela power was a "default-on" ability, but all Ranma needs is to figure out a way to switch it off. Perhaps Genma will adapt the Umisenken - it hides you, right? I'll read on and find out.
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