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5/2 c55 Cream and Sugar
This fic... THIS FIC! Welcome back, I'm so excited to see new chapters for this story! I only occasionally check my account but I do come back to keep an eye on old favorites like this one. I loved the new chapter, of course Cloud would be the type to use a clever strategy! Thanks so much for the update, it was fun to read. I'll have to do a full reread soon! ️
5/2 c55 27zeynel
This was a fun game ! Or, well, more like GameS ! Stupid Logan, way to shoot youtself (and your future) in the feet ! ! ! Well, I bet the way he sacrificed others to be the "big shot" was noticed as well. Meanwhile, Cloud must have made a good impression (the one time they lost was because of disobedience -from cadets the teachers were keeping under a carefull eye at that), cyril as well ! ! ! It was nice seeing things throught Cyril's eyes, by the way ! ! !
5/2 c54 zeynel
LOL Oh, of course future Vincent send a message for his other/past self ! ! !
4/30 c10 Alejandro Arturo Ferro Figueroa
Is this homosexual pairing?
4/16 c54 Brenda Joyeux
I think that Genesis is having way to much fun at the expense of others. Hopefully we'll see his turn.
4/15 c54 6Tuuna
I applaud your dedication to keep this fic up - I'm very impressed and grateful that 12 (!) years after you first published this is 2009 you are still keeping up the good work! Thanks!
4/8 c55 Syaza
I've never played capture the flag-being someone who is not built for endurance-but I've enjoyed listening to stories of my husband sharing his time of playing similar games. One of which is more team vs team, each team having a "bullet boy"-the one who carries and replenishes bullets-all the weapons were nerf guns.

The fast goober in this case was the bullet boy who kept dodging shots and picking up fallen nerf rounds, while making sure my husband's team is always loaded whenever they shout: "BULLETS!" He was the true MVP that day! XD
3/23 c55 2A Brilliant Loser
Cheaper kudos! It's been a while so I reread the whole fic and as always it was a joy to read
3/18 c55 Guest
Hello, you! This chapter was so fun! I thought it was clever to do it from Cyril's POV and wait to let him see what Cloud was up to until the last round. Really kept the tension strong. Hope you're doing well!
3/17 c55 73PhantomChajo
LOL the Monty Python reference. Nice one!
3/17 c55 Guest
This reminfed me of my youth so much, we would play capture the flag too in gradeschool, so much fun! I was usually a sneaker and I got it one time! Good memmories!
3/17 c55 83Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
What a fun chapter! :D Thank you for writing this! And good luck with writing the next one too.
3/16 c55 Seta88
The chapter was great. I liked that the whole thing was out of Cyrils point of view and how they managed the whole scenario with good tactics.
3/16 c55 8Quathis
Nice lowkey chapter after the very real spy games Cloud has lead. Just school yard antics by some kids who are getting their field soon. Fun read. Until next time.
3/16 c55 APridefulSin
oh, my, gosh. there was so much here to enjoy and read! details alone and the game? I loved it. it shows so much and very entertaining itself. I can say that it's one of my favourite chapters in this now, and hopefully that arm of cloud's had some fabric covering it, because those paint pellets hurt!
thank you for the chapter!
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