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7/2 c60 Jaded Firerose
I was delighted to see that this story was updated. I love this story. It has given me so much enjoyment, so many laughs, so many giggles. I hope life will calm down soon so that you can contine to thrill us with your talent.
7/1 c1 Guest
Love seeing more Cloud and Sephiroth together. Those two almost play off each other in some hilarious and endearing ways. Cloud is ironically the younger yet older of the two with innocent lab-rat Seph emotionally and socially experienced. It's just a combo that works far better that Genesis and Cloud.

The whole Seph showing up in a suit just screams that he doesn't get enough non-mandatory social interaction with people, something Cloud needs to work on.
7/1 c60 Guest
I really like how this is a slow burn toward the game events. There's a LOT of extended material that can be dealt with before any of the main game events kick-off, and it's going to be awhile before Cloud is other than pint-sized. While he has some mako reserves, I'm curious to see how you manage to get them as deep as they once were and get Cloud up to speed for the main game.

It seems Cloud and Vincent may also be great for stabilizing Sephiroth, and that they will be as important as Sephiroth's friends in keeping him stable. Cloud ought to be the one to teach Sephiroth how to use his abilities from Jenova to help him guard against mental attacks. And he can slow-release the truth to Sephiroth so he isn't getting emotionally bombed with fragments all at once. Lots of time to fortify him from Jenova, and Cloud needs to consider Jenova might go for a different target this time around, as he helps Sephiroth barrier himself against what happened last time.

I get the feeling Fuhito and Hojo are going to either form an evil alliance or else kill each other. Also that the discussion about Weapons will happen before long, with Vincent essentially being the first out and about. Also, I kind of expect Sephiroth and Vincent will be going on that trip to see Lucretia together. And while all this is going on, Cloud needs to start getting the team used to the idea of Deepground and Hojo's personal little playground. So much to do!
6/30 c60 TheUltimateChefofDestruction
Extra Kudos!

This chapter was really sweet I loved it!
6/30 c60 8Quathis
A nice party, definitely sounds better than usual Shinra gatherings, not a high bar to surpass. But it is good that the cure is almost ready. Until next time.
6/30 c60 2RGillespie94
I hope you have fun at the Expo!
6/30 c60 4Sasha Erin Alexain
Glad to see the update.
6/30 c60 frozen999
For a long time I was wondering why I would imagine that he will be most intrigued in Cloud. He was obssesed from the beginning. Did he stepped back now? Will he be more present in next chapters? Tbh I loved how the story evoled around those two.
6/30 c60 5Mr Skull
I am fully invested in this story and cannot wait to see where it goes! I especially love how you write Sephiroth and Tseng! I read all of their dialogue in their respective voices, that's how damn good it is!

keep at it!
6/30 c60 89Anne Camp aka Obi-quiet
Why is it always Angeal that gets degradation first in these time-travel redos? LOL

But in all honesty, no actual problem. Thank you for the chapter. :) Loved it.

(Personally, I LOVE dutch gouda with bread and sweet grape vinegar. Add in some creme and I'll bet I would have thoroughly enjoyed their little spread.)
6/29 c60 Wicked Witch of the Web
Thanks for sharing your hard work with us i for one enjoyed reading it thanks again XD
6/29 c60 shukkets
3/16 c59 Seta88
So Vincent is getting active and combines training his Gallian form, with getting supplies and the interest of Avalanche. Not much happened directly, but it's building up.
3/14 c59 1kamenheroHEISEI
Still ignoring this until the author puts out more chapter

It's one thing knowing that an author is holding back
It's another when they admits it and admits that they only released chapters when he feels the s**** and giggles to
3/12 c59 2Mizu Hoseki
Hello again! Feels like it's been ages.
Starting off with Vincent 'bonding' with his demons, interesting.
Busy guy, guess the monster parts are a side effects of 'bonding? And then straight to terrorizing Shinra troops and stealing their stuff.
Heideggar always seems like an irritating character to write and Rufus always seems fickle at best, so I understand your issues with him.
And finally... does this mean Fuhito is going to die soon?

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