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for Once More, With Feeling

11/23 c61 Angie2022
It's only about a year since you updated last so I hope you haven't given up on this story.

Enjoy it tremendously, especially that Cloud, Zack, Reno, Tseng, Genesis, Angeal and Sephiroth are slowly ALL are becoming friends with each other.

And Genesis sure will not defect, that character building moment outside of the cafeteria? made that clear.
I as well loved how Cyril slowly moved over to the "good side", ambition can have bad side effects but he caught himself in time.
And I loved that Sephiroth had a chance to show a caring side.
11/22 c35 Angie2022
"Pillow fight" as code for "Sephiroth has a meltdown and destroys a training room, need help come here immediately" is just too cute.
I love the relationship of these three here.

Sephiroth being friends with Angeal and Genesis is one of my favorite friend-pairings.
It is so nice for showing his character when he has equals around.
11/22 c27 Angie2022
I sooo love that Sephiroth is very much in character but has a sense of humor and a personality apart from being
11/22 c27 Angie2022
I sooo love that Sephiroth is very much in character but has a sense of humor and a personality apart from only being solemn and intimidating.

And that his interest in Cloud is NOT romantic. There are great stories featuring that, but not so many without and the relationship is very much or even more interesting without romance.
9/10 c27 ashlex-LORE27
challenge: take a shot every time cloud says he has a concussion()
7/14 c61 Drakena
please come back and continue
5/24 c61 1JayneParker
I absolutely love your Genesis and indepth magic theory, he is so very smug and spiteful and petty, but also a surprisingly fair minded person under it all. Who's willing to bet he's gunna take what Cloud has taught him and run with it? Come up with something completely new? He is the resident materia specialist after all!
Caught up now! Still a blast to read, I can't wait for more!
5/24 c58 JayneParker
-Vincent is about Sephiroth's height…" the blond trailed off meaningfully.- I know this is probably just referring to the conversation as a whole, but I am very much an enjoyer of 'Vincent is Seph's biological father' and for a second I lite up like yooooooooooo and then the next pov was Vincent comparing Sephiroth and Lucretia yuuuuus.
It's 5 am, so I'm not fully awake yet, but awesome chapter here as well
5/24 c56 JayneParker
Genesis is so proud here lol, Lowkey smug af. Hope he doesn't remember poor Edgar tho
5/24 c55 JayneParker
The strategy here is so creative, I love it!
5/24 c54 JayneParker
I'll be honest, I never would have considered getting Vincent into Midgar this way, ingenious
5/24 c53 JayneParker
Vincent is such a good character, and so many people under utilize him. I'm glad you've taken the time to include him!
5/24 c52 JayneParker
I love chocobo's, if final fantasy did nothing else, it introduced me to them! I liked the discussion on colors and abilities
5/23 c50 JayneParker
It's kinda cool, seeing SOLDIERS from Reno's pov. Maybe now he'll get why Cloud wants to join so bad. Turks aren't terrible, but super everything def has perks
5/23 c40 JayneParker
Gotta love it when your friends highjack a phone call with your mom and won't shut up lololol
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