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3/22/2018 c1 8iridescenceoflove
Yessss loved this. I always loved reading these one-shots with Hodgins’ opinion on that moment. I always go over that scene and I love how you can see Hodgins watching them in background. Beautifully done!
4/9/2013 c1 6The Forgotten Stark
AWWWWWW i love it, and i like this episode your talking about, i think it was in the first season, with the girl being torn apart by rabid dogs, with her eyes out. it was a great episode
12/29/2012 c1 Guest
So great! I love reading about how other people are Booth/Brennan. I also love how you ended it because that's just what they are - two broken people who found someone who fixed them :) Good job!
5/28/2010 c1 11Luxuride
I agree whole-heartedly with Hodgins, here. That scene was my all time favorite BB moment, and I totally think that it is the definitive moment of their partnership.

Lovely writing. Thanks for a great read!
3/5/2010 c1 2LadyBluePhoenix
I've always liked other povs on Booth and Brennans relationship.
5/17/2009 c1 2DBCrazy
I'm sure that that memory will forever be something that Hodgins accesses from time to time when he sees B/B together. Nicely done!
4/7/2009 c1 Miri1975
Very good. Like others before me said, this is a great capture of this moment.
4/5/2009 c1 6Teleliniel
I'll say just one word: Beautiful =D
2/9/2009 c1 8Bymaga Jones
That was wonderful! It WAS a defining moment; I like how you acknowledged that and used Hodgins' POV. I really enjoyed this.
2/9/2009 c1 MessyJess
This is really a lovely take on what I think was one of the most poignant moments between Booth and Brennan. Well done.
2/8/2009 c1 MissHMalfoy
This is a beautiful portrayal of the relationship between Booth and Bones. I think it perfectly describes the relationship the two of them have. Great job!
2/6/2009 c1 4LeahElizabeth
Great Hodgins fic. I love the character. Very well done.
2/3/2009 c1 Kalan Jade
I thought this was a good retelling of the episode, Two Bodies in the Lab. Good 3rd party renderings of events except for the fact that the 'nutjob' was swinging a gun and not a knife at Brennan before being shot.

Keep up the good work. :) I can't wait to read more on your characters' insights.
1/30/2009 c1 6missdebra87
It didn't suck at all. The complete opposite in fact. I loved this. One of my favorite scenes, and I love how you wrote it. Great job!
1/30/2009 c1 Sam leetmasterninjayahoo.com
That was great not many people write in a third person narrative and when they do its not good. Your story was fantastic and in character
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