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2/16/2002 c8 1Snowlily
Lol. The ending to that chapter was funny. This fic is just amazing... I'm loving it more after each chapter!
2/16/2002 c7 Snowlily
GINNY LONGBOTTOM? Whoa, never heard that before! I liked the thing with Cho and Draco... Kinda freaky for Cho. And Percy's being such a jerk... Well, I can't really blame him; he doesn't know that Harry's missing. *sobs*
2/16/2002 c6 Snowlily
WOW... You're such a good author! Seriously, this fic is one of the best!
2/16/2002 c5 Snowlily
NO... NO! You can't do this! YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO POOR HARRY! *wails bitterly*
2/16/2002 c4 Snowlily
I'm just falling in love with this fic! It's truly an amazing one. I'm off to read some more... ^_^
2/16/2002 c3 Snowlily
Hooooold on a sec! That was a Basilisk right? And nothing happened when Marie looked it in the eye? Is that why they're so confused? This fic is truly getting better and better!
2/16/2002 c2 Snowlily
WOW... this fic is turning into something FANTASTIC! I'm just a little confused... What's the E'Chode? Well... I suppose I better read on and find out!
2/16/2002 c1 Snowlily
Fantastic start! You really have lots of talent. I'm going to make this quick since I need to read some more... =)
1/31/2002 c15 28PlasmicFemale
Excellent! Are you ever gonna tell us what the note said though? :)
1/31/2002 c15 K. H. T
this is really good... could there possibly be a sequel?
1/30/2002 c14 PlasmicFemale
Yeah! Can't wait!
1/29/2002 c13 PlasmicFemale
Yeah! That was good. Was it you that said you hadn't read the books? Really?
1/28/2002 c12 3Kate Potter
Where's Harry? Was that Harry disguised as Snape? Please write more soon I can't wait.
1/27/2002 c12 28PlasmicFemale
That was really good! More!
1/27/2002 c11 PlasmicFemale
Yeah! Sorry, I came back later and it's working, so I blame my stupid, STUPID computer! That was really good :). P.S Thanks for reviewing my DA stories!
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