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1/25/2002 c4 28PlasmicFemale
Argh! Yesterday I read half of chap.11, but I had to get off the net. So I came on today, and it say's "Story not found"...argH! What's happening?
1/22/2002 c10 PlasmicFemale
Wow! How did you come up with that? That was really good, keep going!
1/18/2002 c9 PlasmicFemale
that was really good, keep going!
1/16/2002 c6 3Kate Potter
Brilliant chapter I can't wait for the next bit.
1/15/2002 c1 6Pickzee
Very good story, especially for someone who hasn't read any of the books, three cheers for you. Anyways I wrote the story HP & the Psychotic Flying Monkeys and you reveiwed and said that you wanted to be attacked by psychotic flying monkeys, well I have the monkeys ready to send I just need your email... that is if you still want the monkeys...
1/14/2002 c7 28PlasmicFemale
That was great! And, I have the feeling I'm the only person constantly checking to see if there's an update...then reviewing.
1/13/2002 c6 PlasmicFemale
That was really good. I can't wait till the next chapter!
1/11/2002 c5 PlasmicFemale
Excellent stuff! Write another chapter soon, or I might just have to track you down and kill you! Great story, keep going.
1/10/2002 c4 3Kate Potter
Very good story, please write more.
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