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7/28/2009 c6 3TexannaRose

7/14/2009 c6 16smackedfan454
cute. i like it. :)
6/18/2009 c6 shewhorunswithvampires
aw yea do a follow up on this! it was so cute! i love it! absolutly fantastic! ^.^

Team Edward/smacked forever! 3 Allie
6/2/2009 c6 6Hazmatt
Adorable story! I really enjoyed it! Perfect! Is there going to be a sequel?
6/2/2009 c5 Hazmatt
That was so cute! I really enjoyed it!
6/2/2009 c4 Hazmatt
Very cute! I really enjoyed it! She's figured it out hasn't she?
6/2/2009 c3 Hazmatt
Wonderful chapter! I really enjoyed it!
6/2/2009 c2 Hazmatt
I enjoyed that! I like this story! It's very cute!
6/2/2009 c1 Hazmatt
Cute chapter! I really enjoyed it!
5/2/2009 c6 4mb20fan
4/27/2009 c6 35chrysalis escapist
Yikes, sorry I'm so late, no idea where the time went ...

Well, I loved reading this, a beautiful last chapter for a lovely story.

I loved Stella pondering about whether she should meet him or not, very much in character, I think. Loved 'Can take my gun with me for protection..' :). And I loved how she kept wondering if it might be Mac, somehow unable to, but somehow maybe wanting it to be him.

Loved that you had Mac's POV in this chapter too, and that you didn't give his name at first, but hints like him drinking coffee and the tie, that was well done.

And I loved how you then connected the two points of view with her feeling someone looking at her and him seeing her get out of the taxi, her shaking her head, and him seeing it ...

And I loved how both their heartbeats quickened :) and how they were both shy, that was so sweet!

And again I loved how you worked with the different kinds of smiles, grins, and laughs - that made me smile too :).

Loved this line, very beautiful 'then I see something in his eyes, a reflection of my own feelings in his eyes'. I loved how e brushed away the tear, that was a very tender moment that you captured beautifully.

And I love it when their foreheads touch!

Really liked that you didn't forget about how the team found out.

And I wholeheartedly agree that this particular Valentine's Day 'Couldn't have been better than that..'

It would be lovely to see a sequel to this.
4/7/2009 c6 20BlueEyedAuthor
oh yes please write a sequel!
4/2/2009 c6 5dadoinkdoink
Great job! Loved the story!

I am sad to see it over. I hope that you do a follow up story to this one!

Can't wait for more of your SMacked stories!

:D Doink Doink
4/2/2009 c6 sterra-kyra
this is so awesome chapter! mac!
4/1/2009 c6 6xXBoulevard-of-Broken-DreamsXx
I liked your story! And yes a follow up would be great! PLZ PLZ PLZ?
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