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for Heliodrome Collision

4/23/2017 c32 Guest
why I'd "done" what I did
4/22/2017 c12 Guest
your you're, not an isolated incident, c'mon son
4/20/2017 c36 Guest
loosing losing
4/20/2017 c29 Guest
desert dessert sorry
4/20/2017 c29 Guest
I like your writing so take this as kindly as you can but christ please don't do the accent thing again, the text isn't copyable so I had to parse the raw html code into a plain text editor to get rid of the accent and a few grammatical errors
4/20/2017 c28 Guest
Issues in the second perspective change, mix of third and first person with Kate
4/20/2017 c28 Guest
so *as* to not embarass yourself ? maybe
4/20/2017 c26 Guest
trying to* rein* her in some
9/6/2015 c29 6BooksAreMedicine
It seems like her dad is warming up to Matt, Matt does keep a cool head and has some great stories
9/6/2015 c24 BooksAreMedicine
I absolutely love that last line, so romantic, Oppel is a genius
9/6/2015 c22 BooksAreMedicine
Nice to see Kate has to experience what Matt did in the first book where it was Kate or the ship.
9/6/2015 c18 BooksAreMedicine
Very sweet
9/6/2015 c16 BooksAreMedicine
Good writing, nice switch in perspectives
9/6/2015 c14 BooksAreMedicine
Great chapter! Bravo!
9/6/2015 c13 BooksAreMedicine
Liked her point of view of their relationship
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