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for Emo, Son of Feanor

8/21/2013 c14 3dianaprincess
That was so funny! I loved this story. It's interesting to see some of our favorite Silmarillion characters talk and act in "modern-earthlike" ways. I especially liked Galadriel as the popular, talkative, prepster (rather different from the somewhat cynical and creepy mind-reader of Lothlorien later on), Maglor as the teen pop star, and the Finrod-Amarie romance. The parts with Aredhel's dream (hey there, Eol!) and Caranthir and Avasarie talking about sailing to Middle-earth on stolen Telerin ships (hello, first Kinslaying!) were my favorites, although it was kind of sad to think that those things would actually happen later on. Anyway, this story was awesome! :)
1/5/2011 c14 25Cap'n Clueless
I agree with Caranthir! Yo, Araloth, how's it going? You know me as Wing Commander Vinyaya.

I love this story; as always, an awesome story with consistent characters.
12/5/2010 c1 maglors harp
"Go to Helcar."

Hell yeah...

You're amazing. Enough said.

I am your favourite Elf? How flattering *bats eyelashes* Oh wait, guys don't bat eyelashes...

Just kidding. Hope you write something new soon!


7/13/2010 c12 6Caunedhiel
The music festival's on tonight," he answered. "I don't usually get nervous, Now I'm nearly shitting myself."

"Please don't – we'll have to clean it up," grumbled Curufin, before leaving the room. I raised an eyebrow.

that is the best line ever :)
3/26/2010 c9 11FireFly07
Hahaha, you really made me laugh with the lyrics of 'Saturday Morning.' The whole story is really just great. Amusing modernized speech.

Keep writing awesome stories!(I'm sorry I can't say anymore.)
1/30/2010 c13 Lady MSM
I haven't read this in AGES because I've been so busy, but I like it oodles! Caranthir's hilarious, and I LOVE your Maglor. Your stories are always so much fun. :)
9/15/2009 c14 3HS Hidden at Silence
Facepalm indeed... Well this is cool and funny.

9/9/2009 c14 Jedi Master Luthien
Oh, wow. The idea of Feanor leaving roses on Nerdanel's desk is giving me a really weird mental image. And I love the part at the end when everyone figures out Caranthir and Avasarie are together...

*sniff* I'm sad that this story's over. I really am. You get a standing ovation for it, though, and some digital chocolate. *insert cheers and clapping here*
9/8/2009 c14 Tindomerel
Yay! It's complete! I really like the ending. You tied up everything very nicely! Love Caranthir and Avasarie ;) Love your work even more though :D

9/8/2009 c14 26Keldae
That was freaking hilarious! I love how Galadriel's such a ditz... LOL!

Bravo! :)
9/7/2009 c14 51LeCastor
"They still think I’m strange, dark, mysterious, the not-so-hot Son of Feanor. And you know what?

I don’t give a damn!"

Sounding a bit like Daddy-Dearest, aren't we?

Min Daae and I were reflecting that your Caranthir is a bit of the Caliban-Leandros variety, quite deadpan and sarcastic. For someone like me who enjoys both fandoms, reading you has been a constant pleasure.

I'm sorry if the reviewing was slower to come. I've been backlogged in my reading.

9/7/2009 c13 LeCastor
"Celegorm looked up from where he’d been sitting in a corner reading. Yes, he does in fact have just enough mental capacity to master the reading of words." - Again, I love this sort of deadpan humor.

“The Teleri are so attached to their ships you’d have to kill them to take one from under their noses.”

“Oh well. We’ll go to Middle-Earth, but without killing anyone in the process.”

... awman. This makes me kind of wibbly, all this innocence on the way to being lost. It's /adorable/. And good irony.

And the lil kiss at the end is just so /cute/.
9/7/2009 c12 LeCastor
“He should be alright soon – I just insulted him.” - I lol'd at this /so hard/.

Yep. I’m always the last one. - Oh, Ava. The dryness is delicious, though.

A pleasure to read, as usual !
9/7/2009 c11 LeCastor
Did I mention how much I love your depiction of Young Ambarussa? They totally crack me up.

And I'm very amused by the thought of an elf with blue - pardon, aquamarine - hair. XDD
9/7/2009 c10 LeCastor

1) The vision of Morgoth in full body armor giving Brownies to Avasarie on the /beach/ is fairly awesome. And creepy. And makes my mind go all kinds of strange places.

2) I love the way you depict this household.

3) ... the Clezza/Azza shipper in me likes the mental picture of them hitting the bookshelf. It's almost foreshadowing, innit.

(And also, sorry, I should have reviewed earlier, I fail at this so hard.)

I enjoyed this chapter.
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