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1/27/2009 c1 19CaelumBlue
Wow...that I originally thought it was gonna be Katara, but then you mentioned all the red so I realized it was someone in the Fire Nation, and halfway through I finally realized... Wow.

This was good. This was a REALLY good oneshot. I like good oneshots-they're hard to pull off, to pack so much story into a single chapter, but you've done an excellent job. Especially when it comes to tying in all sorts of little things that hint at stories in and of themselves-Iroh's redirecting technique, for instance. Since she knows it, she must've made peace with Iroh and/or Zuko in order to learn it. And she's making TEA. And she understands the whole "living in someone's shadow" thing. Which...again, probably means she made peace with her family...even though she isn't living in the palace, but the villages don't seem to mind her, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't think she went totally evil after the series and believes she had a chance at sanity, and... Yeah. This is beautiful. I'm faving it.

Other things I liked: The kid next door's name is Lee. Ha! There are a million Lees...

And nice job conveying the new Avatar's frustration. That would suck, to be the next Avatar after Aang. His feet may be small, but the shoes he left to fill are bigger than Kyoshi's...

So, yeah. You're a good writer, I don't see anything that needs nitpicking grammar-wise, and you've done a FANTASTIC job at incorporating all sorts of little odds and ends in the Avatar world. It's Yeah. Okay, I'm gonna stop babbling now. XD Good work!

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