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10/14 c25 ImmortalsDoItForever
I'm A little surprised you didn't have Jack try to give her some of his life force. If you watched all of Torchwood, you'd know that he can sometimes do that with a kiss. Like he saved Ianto, after the Cyber woman attacked him.
1/17/2020 c1 styloespada
Thank you for addressing the issue with that final season of Buffy! I actually skipped almost the entire season just because all of that sort of drama made it far less fun than I liked Buffy being. So, thanks for actually addressing it and giving their actions lasting repercussions!
3/11/2018 c32 Guest
Well done
3/11/2018 c29 Guest
Thank you!
4/15/2016 c32 Guest
I loved this so much. Thank you for writing this.
11/18/2014 c32 1Madam Luna
amazing simply amazing please do a doctor who sequal it would be awsome
6/20/2014 c32 Virginia I
That is an absolutely lovely ending/beginning there.

Loved it. You really wrote the 'Slayer looking to stop slaying' story well. Identity crisis and all that too.
Some of the perspective changes were jarring and a few I didn't even realize had changed until a few sentences in but that's really the only major flaw I felt needed to saying.

1/22/2014 c32 Fan
Thank you! A great ride. Greedy for a sequel, if you feel like it.
9/23/2013 c32 22NightWatcher666
I just finished your story, and I really enjoyed it. Not real happy with what happened to Willow (personal bias as she is my favorite character), but over all awesome.
8/12/2013 c32 SherlockWholmes
I just finished reading this story. WOW! You did a great job.

I am even more amazed that English isn't your native language.

Your grasp of the characters was true I could really picture the action happening as I read. I totally did not see the ending coming, but I kind of like the idea of Buffy with the Doctor.

All the best to you in the real world, and keep writing, you're good at it.
7/3/2013 c32 BelievesInNargles
Loved the story, it's really well written
6/20/2013 c32 pikpocket
Words can not descride... I loved it! Thank you so much for this story!
6/9/2013 c7 13Iron-Mantis
man your making buffy a freaking sue.
6/9/2013 c3 Iron-Mantis
interesting fact, aliens from the who verse, ENEMIES OF TIME LORDS! seriously they fought the vampire ancestors ho back then were planet destroyers
7/19/2012 c32 10Avalonemyst
Love this story so much will there be a sequel? Love the ending much prefer this ending to Whedon's! (if I could I'd email him a copy) going to fav both you and the story! Read like a good episode!
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