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1/19/2015 c1 Guest
Many of your points are common in stories, but are also very valid or even canon.

Just one example, Kushina was pretty uber. Uzumaki, powerful and special chakra enough to survive having the Kyuubi sealed inside her, awesome chakra chains, etc

The Uzumaki name is not that rare that it instantly points to her as his mother though, since the survivors from Whirlpool spread out everywhere. Karin is an Uzumaki as well, as are a few others I believe though memory fails.

Top of her class, chosen Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi and wife to the most epic Hokage, I think people are allowed to have her be badass.
5/24/2014 c1 12Publicola
Ahhh... good points all around. I don't actually follow the manga or anime (my knowledge of the fandom is solely due to fanfics) so I can't speak to your comments re; Kurenai, but everything else strikes me as fair. I think a lot of what we consider fanon 'fact' has to do with ideas that originally appeared in very well-written fanfics that eventually everyone adopted. For instance, the idea of a council (sometimes divided into civilian v. shinobi councils) doesn't really fit in a ninja-powered dictatorship that Konoha is depicted as being in canon; on the other hand, it does serve to readily explain why the Sandaime Hokage is so absurdly powerless to help Naruto to develop as a child (which is the fault of Kishimoto relying on the 'orphan of destiny' trope). Likewise, I imagine, with the "Naruto was attacked by villagers" motif - Naruto is obviously held in contempt by most folks (definitely civilians, possibly shinobi) in Konoha, and the few characters we do spend time with (*cough*Sakura*cough*) don't demonstrate any reticence about converting that contempt into actual assault ("You baka!" *punches through wall*), so it does fit that the general hatred for Naruto would occasionally spill over into people attacking him. That may easily be taken too far (mobs pursuing him, jeers of "kill the demon-brat," that sort of thing), but at least the basics seem solid.
3/16/2013 c1 CushySensei
I sooooo...enjoyed myself reading this.
Yeah, I noticed those too. :)
6/29/2012 c1 Dezeiver
great rant.. made my day :)))
9/18/2011 c1 Yoholic
So true
9/10/2011 c1 2Kine X


... wow. I have never seen a rant like that before, and your right in all of those. They're mostly overused I wish that someone would come up with something that has not been seen before or something that hasn't been seen that often.
4/22/2011 c1 3Frostyvale
Wow. I enjoyed this. Excellent summary of my thoughts. And, very nice essay writing, even though it's not "politically correct". The "Have you noticed" format also contributes to its effectiveness. Anyway, I've seen well written and polished have their good qualities eviscerated, Bowdlerized, and spewed out into a completely unrealistic format, and subsequently degrade as more and more of our incompetent sheep replicate the idea because "it is cool/awesome/ect". When it reaches that point, the plot device is hackneyed to the point of being cliche in ANY environment. well-written or not. I'll admit, I'm not capable of expelling a flawless story without effort, but really? What do they intend to achieve by copying an already threadbare scenario? It's only the same travesty of the tapestry that the story once was. I would like to point out that a council does indeed exist, but it's an advisory council of three respected elders, while the Hokage hold complete power. Though personally, I wish that (fanfiction) Naruto would shut up and kill someone! Those stories are like merry-go-rounds; you end up with wasted time and nausea.
12/15/2010 c1 ching965
Yes yes yes! You've just about hit every nail on the head with this one. Props for sitting down and writing it out :).
8/18/2010 c1 Yokillayo
This is the best Naruto rant ive ever read.lol
7/27/2010 c1 braindead212
Hah, So true.
2/21/2010 c1 1Arynia
You might want to mention the 'despite being a ruthless shinobi who killed his entire graduating class, Zabuza is actually a big softie who, if kept alive, will quite happily teach Naruto all of his jutsus before merrily fading into the background once he's done.'

I have to admit, I prefer a kickass Kushina, mainly because I believe that she would have to be something special to catch the eye of the Yellow Flash, but I agree, making her very famous but having an unrecognised son is a bit unrealistic. I mean, you could even have her as an S-class ninja, but only if it suits the story - personally I only read ones where she's very powerful if she's still alive.

And finally, I have to say I agree with your thing about Kurenai. I'm just watching the fight between her and Itachi, and once she realizes that her genjutsu doesn't work, she just stands there and waits for someone else to do something. Against Zabuza, she wouldn't have a chance.
1/4/2010 c1 Ivanika
I'm amazed! This is such a good list of cliche elements in Naruto stories. It would be the perfect check list to make sure a story isn't going to turn out like every other! You really do look in depth at the Naruto stories you read...or I'm just not looking close enough, some points I have never noticed until this piece points them out, Chuunin get such abuse, I never really realized that before O.o

Since this checklist was written a year ago your missing some other cliche elements, but these seem to be the sad sad basics of most Naruto stories...:-(

You explain your opinions and thoughts quite well and you make good points for each topic which is greatly appreciated.

In deep thought,


P.S. I have now realized why many stories seem like a rip off of one another!

P.S.S Yes yes I have noticed!
9/28/2009 c1 5Esus927
Heh, nice.

But you missed a couple pet-peeves of mine. The main one being that even in stories where Naruto is completely different/raised in another village Sasuke still calls him a "dobe" every damn time they talk. Which leads to the nickname "teme" being dropped.
8/1/2009 c1 The Ninja Hanako
I completely agree with you, I mean, how come people use the canon not their own ideas cause there are so many fics out there centred around the main Naruto plot line. If you are gonna write a AU Naruto fic, use your own ideas not always stick to the plot of Naruto cause It gets really boring and you'd just be retelling a story. That was for all those people that write stories to closely tied with the original Naruto story. My advice to them is: USE YOUR GOD-DAMN FREAKING IMAGINATION! DON'T USE THE MAIN STORY AS A BASIS FOR YOUR STORIES! COME UP WITH SOMETHING DIFFERENT FOR A FREAKING CHANGE! WHO CARES IF YOU COMPLAIN THAT YOU ARE USING YOUR IMAGINATION, YOU AREN'T! And those that write harem. Some people may like Harem but please, come on! 'Ooh, Naruto is the heir of his clan lets make him have lots of wives cause of the restorative clan act' No one gives a fuck! There are to many stories like that, come on give me a break!
7/14/2009 c1 vaayu
Nice points but you forgot to mention these:

1. People thinking Naruto will suddenly become a more competent shinobi if he loses the orange. In other words, the "Kill me" orange rant.

2. Along with Naruto hiding his "real" talents behind a "mask", Hinata hides hers as well. I don't get how she would get thrashed by Neji even if she held back and what reason there is for her to hold back.

3. Those fics where Kakashi exclusively teaches Sasuke all sorts of jutsu while ignoring Naruto and Sakura as "they are not as important as the last Uchiha".

4. Most of the mob fics involve Naruto being beaten half to death then some super bloodline awakens or some random super sensei comes and saves him.

5. In most of those fics, he gets to a point where he can effortlessly beat up multiple jounin, or as you said, at least chunin, but somehow is put into the academy which, usually, just so happens to have its genin exam. Honestly, why would anyone give up a relatively more comfortable life just to go back to Konoha and show off newfound knowledge?

6. Fics where the Uchiha are treated as a clan of insane, evil fuckers. The fact that they sided with Hashirama over Madara shows that they were not. I mean, you would automatically be inclined to rebel if your support gives you no returns.

That is to name a few.

Anyways, Good observations
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