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5/4 c5 Guest
Lass die Geschichte so laufen das eragon mit freya und sapira zusammen kommt eragon sich in ein Drachen und zurück verwandelt kann oder das die 2 dragen such in ein mensch und zurück verwandeln können
5/15/2018 c5 Guest
I want you to pair eragon and Freya together
7/17/2016 c4 Jason
I'm going to guess that Saphira and Freya want Eragon to be their mate and they will fight each other just because they want eragon to themselfs, but I'm hoping Eragon will have both Saphira and Freya as his mates when he becomes a dragon.
5/16/2016 c4 godzillafan1
seems more like a threesome to me then just eragon with saphira oh well I like male with more than one female relationships.
11/11/2015 c5 Jtgil
Really awesome story so far! I really enjoyed this. I'm always wary to start reading a story that hasn't been updated for many years, unless it seems interesting and captivating. This hasn't been updated in...wow... 5 and a half years. It seemed 2010 was yesterday.
I was very excited when I found out this was an ExS story too, because there is a ridiculous lack of fan-fiction stories with this pairing.
But man this story is amazing. The plot is very original and you have written this really well so far. 2 dragons hatching for Eragon? This is genious, I wish there were many stories with this "out of the box" thinking. And the concepts put through were brilliant, like the dragons fighting for the most attention from Eragon. Brom thinking if it is due to the dragons knowing the prophecy thus fighting to be Eragon's mate or because of the rider part. Or when Eragon stares at the dragons and they instantly act with pride, etc... All great stuff.
And I don't know why you got stuck so much, you started as the original IC series starts, with the exception instead of 1 dragon, 2. So why not follow the canon story with your own version, only deviating where you seem appropriate, until a time comes you get a clear path as to where you want this story to go.

It's unwise for me to hope for this to be updated and eventually finished, however I cannot allow myself not to hope for an update. This is just to good. So until next time...
2/12/2015 c5 Lucarionape
I like the story maybe you should use the original as a guideline for this one. Arya x Eragon romance.
Maybe arya gets the red dragon who is a male
7/11/2014 c5 Draco
i realize this story is most likely dead which is sad i really wanted to see were you went with it
1/31/2014 c5 Guest
this story is making me think that eragon is having .DRAGONS
and if i readed correctly he is changing into one as well
so it looks like harem relathionship
3/26/2013 c5 1AmberJKey
I really like this story so far, so PLEASE keep updating.
1/13/2013 c5 Guest
i think it was brom who knocked them out so he could explain what is happening and why eragon is the rider of two dragons.
9/24/2012 c2 4Saphira455
stop typing like you are texting, actually type the words out completely, if you did that i would find this story awesome! so, until then it is a good story.
3/7/2012 c5 1BronyGuy795
If you want my opinion then here it is.
I see this story taking eragon and the dragons deep into the spine where eragon turns into a dragon. He then goes and joins the varden who then start the forward campaign.

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11/29/2011 c1 37Clay19
11/29/2011 c4 Clay19
It was good.I liked it when saphira was fighting withe Freya over eragon.
9/7/2011 c5 CrimsonQueen24
Ok so to me this is going to be an unheard of story about a Rider with TWO dragons! I think you should take the original plot and just twist it a bit to fit your story. Maybe have Eragon be found by Brom before the villagers. Then have all of them flee... If you keep Roran ignorant like the original plot, that way you could have some grand reuion were he sees Eragon with his dragons. Also that way Brom could ride one of the dragons and they'll go faster. Maybe skip the whole Brom dying thing...? And have him be Eragons father, alive? Also is Eragon gonna be more powerful than a normal rider, since he has two dragons to rely on? Maybe have his powers equal to an elf's. The prophecy thing needs to be fit into the plot. Who knows

about the prophecy? The Elves and Varden? Galbatorix?

I really hope this helps, or at least gets you thinking...one more thing, I think the characters are OOC when they talk. Like you have "cya" and "whatever" in the story and that's just way to out of character for me. So maybe try and get rid if the slang... Despite that though I really love your story! The idea of Eragon having two dragons is awsome! I hope you come up with an idea for the next chap soon and update! :)
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