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6/10/2011 c5 x0DragonObsession0x
FINALY a story where Eragon has 2 dragons and they're both female UPDATE NOW I NEED MORE!

U ahold make it to were Eragon chooses both dragons to be his mate but put that later on to when he starts becoming a dragon, they should fight for his attention for a good while (with Eragon being oblivious to why they r fighting. U should have it to where Brom is secretive about his destiny even when he dies (if he does).

There hopefully I cracked your writers block like an egg so u little hatchling can break it easier.
3/11/2011 c4 xXSaPhIrE FlAmEXx
you could have after garrow dieing, eragon not wanting to go with brom so brom would have to take him by force; i think that this would add a strange twist to the story
3/11/2011 c5 xXSaPhIrE FlAmEXx
i really like these stories where eragon has two dragons.

as for ideas i think that you should follow the same basic plot of eragon if you find it hard to come up with ideas.

you could then just add in bits and stuff when you get an idea. (this really works trust me)i think that to really stay with the story you need to get into the habit of doing little and often otherwise you start to foreget what the story is about.

i hope that i was useful and good luck!

plz update soon.
2/21/2011 c3 jonny371
Pls update soon, we all canĀ“t wait
2/19/2011 c5 jonny371
I think you should get to Arya and after the dragons and elf will all be jealous at each other and fight for Eragons love.
11/29/2010 c4 Obliterator1519
i think eragMn should become a dragon and date both dragons and be kind of fluffy
11/22/2010 c5 7Every1sBeta
Well to be quite honest, I am truthfully glad that WoW will not be making an appearance in this story. Crossover's are VERY difficult...i have only read one that tied it in very well...and that was a story by Fresh Blood, it was an Inheritance Cycle/Spyro the Dragon crossover. But i digress, i am glad to see that you are updating again, and good luck with the book you plan on getting published, I am truly pushing for all honesty Author's are a dying breed, due to the fact the world is slowly forgetting how to read..just look at the American children of now..i literally overheard a sophomore bragging about having a second grade reading second grade the majority of my class had college reading levels so it worries me to know that the future of the Red, White, and Blue is in people like their hands. A very bleak future indeed.
11/22/2010 c4 Every1sBeta
Allright you want reviews here you go, this is a great story, and yes when some authors make a story under reader control it will sometimes be an amazing story...the only thing I have with what you are doing is giving the readers the chance to decide what happens, the only reason i see that as a problem is because i was one of the FF authors who FAILED when i let people decide what to put in a became nothing more then a jumbled mass of random pieces of an incomplete it was completely humiliating to leave up. I decided the best thing to do for the story was to remove it from FF...but if you are wondering if i am making the story up or was a Inheritance Cycle story Titled Partners of the Heart, and it was a Saphi-Gon pairing just like yours...i know it seems like i am meddling in your story, but i just don't want a story with potential like this to be ruined by a few readers who do not formulate a story idea very clearly, obviously you would have in my opinion enough challenge for the moment in finding a way to make Eragon a dragon and somehow removing Freya from the picture. So now that my longest review ever is finally completed, good luck with the story...and as a massive Saphi-Gon fan, i will continue reading, and hope for the best.

11/21/2010 c2 Every1sBeta
well saphi-gon is my favorite i will be watching this story and i will remember to review...and good luck.
11/18/2010 c5 Obliterator1519
i like the story plz continue
11/9/2010 c5 1ajustin5
like the rivalry and him becoming a dragon

i think you should save garrow
10/21/2010 c5 Kitiara Woodbane
I like the rivalry you have going, and were you hinting at Eragon becoming a dragon somehow in the future? Also, I think you should save Garrow and Roran. How are you going to make two dragons work? Will Eragon have twice the power? Will he still go with Brom, and will they meet Murtagh? And I think you should do a Thorn/Freya pairing, later in the story which might take the edge off the fighting between Saphira and Freya. Will Oromis and the elves (Not to mention Farthen Dur and the Varden) still go a similar way or are you making this totally AU? I don't think that Eragon should have feelings for Arya, as that just ruins their friendship in the books, and would cause strife between Eragon, Saphira and Arya. I really like what you have written so far though, and I eagerlly look forward to the next installment. I hope my feedback helped, and I would appreciate if you would take the time to answer my questions, if you want to of course.

Thank you for reading my review, and I hope you update soon.

10/12/2010 c5 5Guardian117
Woah long time since you have updated, i read this story when in 2009, i liked the story especially the rivalry between Saphira and Freya. Well i think you should keep that up. I think that this story i going to be an interesting story the fact that not only do the two dragoness will be fighting against each other to win Eragon but they will be fighting against the Empire. Well i hope you update, this is an Awesome story.
10/12/2010 c1 2StevieD
Nice idea. Just work on your grammar and your sensory details. Misplaced modifiers can ruin a paragraph.
10/12/2010 c4 523Crackin
This is good! You just need to remember to put in commas here and there... a couple very minor spelling changes... but otherwise the plot is sound and you are keeping true to Paolini's writing style. Remember the differences between "there", "they're" and "their"...

If you need/want any help (you actually don't need any :]), feel free to contact me. ;)
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