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10/12/2010 c4 1ajustin5
I like your story, having Eragon get two female dragons who could be possibly be fighting for his attention is good. I also have always been a fan of EragonxSaphira and have considered writing a story with one for a while now but you puttting a twist on the story by putting in 2 dragons is great. I do think the dreams your having Eragon have is ruining a little bit of the surprise. I also think that it would be fun if you have it be Brom who kidnapped them...perhaps to get him away from the razac
10/9/2010 c4 23Commentaholic - Alpha 02
WRITE MORE this is an awesome story!
5/2/2010 c4 33BlakDawn
great idea, wish id thought of it, plz update soon
2/6/2010 c4 6Drakka801
This is pretty good. I wish I'd found this earlier; I had a good idea for Freya's name: Emeralda. I think it fits with Saphira's name.

Anyway, since you asked for my input, I'll tell you where I think Eragon should go. I think Galbatorix should capture him soon, but he should escape/get rescued by Brom/the Varden before joining. That's just my opinion though; go with what you want.
1/23/2010 c4 The Lootman
This is a damn good story. I think that you should not have Eragon captured. I think that you should have some romance going on between Eragon, Saphira, and Freya. I hope you update soon.
1/14/2010 c4 Raj8
good story I vote for him to get to the Varden without getting captured. Also you should give Saphira and Freya a human form.
10/8/2009 c4 Labbear
I really enjoyed what you've already put up plz don't scrap this fic it's too good.
7/2/2009 c4 1LightningStreaker

chapters somewhat short but the story is really good

i think that you should have eragon get captured and have to serve galbatorix

it would be very interesting to see what you would do with that

well, that's all i have to say

4/21/2009 c2 10Shadeslayer35
Keep going this story rocks
4/14/2009 c4 10TruthOfTheMatter
this is good!

i wonder why the gedwey ignasia has silver in it?

3/24/2009 c4 the shadow overlord279
have him get captured then excapes
3/23/2009 c4 Brilliantteazer
I like your story so far! But each chapter is kinda short...
3/23/2009 c4 1Hikari Urania
its a cliffy! NO! Update soon i need to know what happens next! Why did they get knocked out?
3/23/2009 c4 dragon00nick
3/23/2009 c4 The Platypus Caper
Short but it did come with an evil cliff hanger lol. If you want directions on where to go I'm not entirely sure what to say. What you should do is print off a map of Alagaesia and then get yourself some darts and then chuck them at the map :) whichever city you land closest to is where you should go. I actually decide many things like that lol most of the time its with a coin toss though. The Spine cities would probably be some good places to send them though. If they're being pursued by the Lethrblaka and Ra'zac it'd probably be easiest to loose them in the mountains rather than on open plains or something. So logically if you want it to make sense you could have them follow Roran's route that he took in Eldest. Although you could stretch it out a bit and maybe even have them be trapped somewhere during a storm. It'd be like a great game of hide and go seek in the Spine mountains and caves. As for what you should do I'd actually like to see Eragon get captured. I just think it'd be interesting to see what would happen if he were forced to fight for Galbatorix and if Galbatorix actually managed to bring back the riders and fulfill his vision that he told Murtagh that one time. It's not a bad vision really, it will probably just never happen, but if it did it'd be pretty cool. So there's my vote I guess.
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