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2/6/2009 c1 7Mockingbyrd's Tune
Gasp! At first I was horrified. No! She couldn't have married Charles Musgrove! So, you set that up beautifully.

The "Bennets next door?" xD

And the ending: Oh, Frederick will love more about the meal than the Italian food. (smirk)

I don't really care for the screenplay format, but I can understand that it aided in giving the necessary info so that you could focus on the dialogue. (Isn't dialogue yummy? Especially when it's J.A.-based. M...)

Keep writing! -M.T.
2/4/2009 c1 15ILoveTea
Thank you for the review,KellyRoxton. A good idea. I'll work on it later. For now I have another Persuasion story. I hope you like it too.
2/2/2009 c1 2KellyRoxton
Great Job. I can't wait to read more.Pretty please add another chapter and have a few moments between Anne and Fredrick PrettyPlease. Hugs you Great Job.

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