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10/3/2011 c7 7rayningnight
Wait...wouldn't she be looking like 'Ai' right now since she's not pretending to be Yuuki at the moment? Like isn't she supposed to be 'Ai' in bed, since she's SICK?

7/29/2011 c7 12bored411
this is great! i can't wait for the next update. i want to see how the dinner goes. also, will this be following any ouran plot? update soon
7/12/2009 c7 10xxXAngel of InsanityXxx
Plz update or i may die of anticipation
6/7/2009 c7 StupidPyroChan


Kyoya is making me mad right now. DX

Update soon!(Please?)
5/5/2009 c6 Miffness
Yes! Finaly, some one snapped at Kyoya, I was getting so tired of people just forgiving him! Thanks, you just made my day!...Or night
4/10/2009 c6 1Soul Of Doom
haha i love this stroy! please hurry & continue wit the next chapter!
3/26/2009 c5 2Mistress Kisa
AH! Update soon, please! I think that she should be with Mori, or Kyoya... Wait, probably not Kyoya, because she's ready to kill him xD
3/15/2009 c5 1whitedragon92
please update really soon...
3/13/2009 c5 1AuroraxHime
This story is interesting, and i like the plot, it's different from any other story. and i'm looking forward to the next chapter!
3/4/2009 c4 1hermonine
Great story. Keep up the good work and update soon!
3/3/2009 c4 Iceprincess951753
LOVE IT! :D Keep up the god work!
2/26/2009 c3 1BlackCat 2468
really good . can't wait to read more.
2/10/2009 c2 1Torin Jingles
Hey Aoi Nami,

My name is Brianna and um, wow I feel really weird doing this... Not even gonna lie about it. Anyway! I thought your story is fantastic and I can't wait toread more. In all honesty I almost died laughing when I found it, it has a very simulare plot as a fanfiction I am currently writing for the same Anime. (The OC in my story is an actress who has to prove her skills to her mother's family by pretending to be a boy). Well anyway, I just thought you should know that you are doing a great job.

Your reader

2/5/2009 c2 Lilypop8 Not logged in

YAY CHAPTER TWO! Hina and Hana seem really cool, i wonder if they are ever going to find out that Yuuki is really a girl XD. Lol anyway this chapter was awesome! And i hope to see another one up soon? Can't wait 'till then! Bye-bye!
1/30/2009 c1 8lilypop8
Hey, this is good and interesting XD. I hope to se an update soon? Bye-bye!

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