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for Voyager: A New Hope

6/14/2009 c3 3EsotericGhost
Awesome! Write another one!
6/2/2009 c12 7jayhawkman82
awesome story i loved how you mix star wars and star uld you make a sequel?
5/20/2009 c12 trekie12cataz
what is this first they make contact with the movie 1. then they are in the original trilogy. it's pretty much just a series of one shots. with no real story at all.
5/17/2009 c12 Aonomous
I Liked this story, although I think you should give credit to the direct quotes you used. Also, I think it would have been nice for Seven and Luke to have gotten together. Thank you for a great story. Please excuse any spelling errors.
4/16/2009 c12 7Sharnorasian Empire
A little fast paced but I love this very much

3/31/2009 c12 21Spidey2
loved it! keep going!
3/6/2009 c6 2conway-banks
I think the idea is solid...However I think that you are not putting enough detail...Put more meat on your text and try to emphasis more on Star-Trek :) However, I must finish on a good note...The idea is simply amazing!
3/1/2009 c6 LucyMelissa0600
Oh, This is so good. Brillant, simply brilliant! can't wait to read more. Have you ever considered a story like, Star Trek Voyager meets Harry Potter? (Just curious) Thanks.
2/6/2009 c2 Knight of Sangheilios
good story, keep it up
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