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10/21/2021 c2 Darth Gumby
More of Janeway equivocating. Clark is bad...but Sheridan has to be equally bad because he's also "Technically' a dictator. That's the sort of thinking that makes people hate her character.
10/1/2020 c23 Love this Story
I absolutely am hooked on this story! Although Chakotay cares about and respects Janeway so much that I don't think he would ever say some of things he did here, the way you've replayed Janeway and Chakotay's strained relationship from the episode "Scorpion" is really interesting; it would be wonderful to see another dramatic resolution! Also, Janeway seems to be precariously close to losing her crew's trust and loyalty, like in the episode "The 37s," and I am curious as to how she will confront herself and deal with her feelings. The role you've given Kes is great because I really did want to see more of what she could have done after watching "The Gift." I can't wait to see what you have in mind for Voyager when the Shadow cruiser reaches Babylon 5! Please write more!
9/30/2020 c23 Guest
Hi, I really love your original story and its sequel! Delenn and Captain Janeway were my two favorite characters on the two series, so I'd like to see another scene between them. Maybe Delenn tries to persuade the Captain to join the cause and then helps her when Kathryn finally breaks down under all the stress?
3/26/2020 c3 6LoneWolf1968
I am a bit confused on one thing. As far as everything I have been able to find on the Techno Mages, they KNEW their power was given to them by the Shadows. They KNEW the technology that MADE them Techno Mages was shadow tech? So why does Alwyn tell Galen he might have to destroy himself to keep the Shadows from learning his secrets?
10/21/2019 c8 14EarthBorn93
A PPG shot to the chest? Essentially they are plasma weapons, firing bolts of superheated helium. Based on dialogue from the series (courtesy of doctor Franklin.) a direct hit to the chest could disintegrate a person's heart. Instant death. Hopefully that was not what happened here.
9/28/2019 c2 EarthBorn93
How would Vir know about the Babylon 4 incident. Why would he be told? It would not be the kind of information available through average "sources".

I do agree that Janeway is being horribly rigid here. And saying Sheridan is the same as Clark... there's just no comparison. Sheridan was already a military governor before he broke away. And yes, forming an independent state is a drastic action, but when your government becomes corrupted into a ruthless dictatorship that completely violates the laws and values your nation is built on, that becomes a valid response. Sheridan was even decent enough to say they will only remain independent until Clark is removed from office. And as someone else pointed out, Clark was never elected. All Janeway manages to prove with that assertion is her ignorance of how Babylon 5's universe works.

Well, maybe my brutish 21st century brain is just unable to comprehend the smug superiority of Starfleet thinking.

In my experience Sheridan does take advice when and as necessary, but ultimately makes his own desicions, just like any military hierarchy would. Perhaps this is reflective of the different modes of thought I mentioned in reviewing your previous story?
2/26/2019 c23 21still-guns
I don't get why you've made everyone assholes.

Season 4 Doctor was not the disgruntled hologram he was in Season 1 and 2. He had grown a lot as a person, but your writing makes it seem as if nothing happened at all.

And Janeway too. Sure, she blamed herself for a lot of things, and she was somewhat strict, but she was smart and kind, not the kind of person Chakotay would be calling a bitch. Those two had enormous respect for one another.

I acknowledge some things are different, always are with fanfictions, but I feel like you've only watched enough Voyager to get a basic understanding of the show.
2/26/2019 c23 Ironsct
Dear Soledad,
Wow. I agree with Chakotay. This version of Janeway is turning into a real arm chair general. Her second in command just came back from a battle where hundreds had died, lost people under his command, and then blamed him for each of their deaths. She really needs to stop her pity party and act like a Captain of a Star Ship.
I look forward to see how Seven and her new crew turn out and which ship you chose to be their vessel. I can't remember if the Warlock class had been even thought of back then, but it would be neat to see it as their vessel.
I also think the Voyager crew needs to seriously take their situation seriously. I talking cloaked mine fields, automated weapons platforms, ect... Heck, if they had had a single shuttle with the task force, they could have attempted to beam out their own people from the fighters. If I was captain, I would have broken out my "incase of alternate dimension" data files and had the latest cloak tech installed in all of my ships.
Sorry for the rant and thank you for letting us read your work. I can't wait to read more of it.
2/26/2019 c23 Inquisitor0
Thx for the update. Kinda lacked the details of the battle and Ivanova's reaction to Tuvok's power considering that she's a little bit of telepathic. You do know that 7of9 is a Borg princess and likely be the replacement Borg Queen in the field as her position is Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix01. Primary Adjunct is likely the Borg Queen for the entire Borg Collective. Secondary Adjunct is likely in charge of logistics in integrating new drones&worlds as well as building new structures&ships. Anyway 7of9 should be able to become a Queen but what's important is that she's also a member of Unimatrix Zero. Hopefully when she goes into regeneration, the modified Teep that she connected to would leave a mental connection to her and end up waking inside Unimatrix Zero's virtual environment by activating 7of9's memory of it. Members of Unimatrix Zero didn't need a Vinculum to meet inside it. 7of9 could setup her regeneration alcove to be the local primary server for Unimatrix Zero and then modified teeps can connect using UZ's specific triaxilating modulation neural interlink frequency to communicate with each other inside the UZ. The local UZ would operate like a BitTorrent server. The cryopods could be assimilated to become a regen/node alcove for the modified teeps. Could be interesting if a whitestar was taken over by the modified teep&enhanced with Borg tech. Note that Galen&the other Technomages has something similar to UZ's virtual environment inside their ship when they meet each other around a virtual campfire.
2/4/2019 c22 Crys
Liked those perspectives of the battle. Bravo.

Hopefully Kes standing up to Janeway will knock her down a few more pegs.
2/4/2019 c22 1Cemalidor
'terrible upset' and person with GREAT psionic powers aren't things that mix well. :XD Another splendid written chapter, curious how Tuvok now really is and what catalyst Kes underwent. And how a certain Volon vessel might react.
1/29/2019 c21 Crys
Wow. Okay, that was just this side of plausible, but it works.

I just hope nobody makes any crass suggestions or questions of him or Vorik later.
1/29/2019 c21 Inquisitor0
Can't wait for the next chapter. Guess Tuvok should see if he can replicate the psionic resonator that the proto-Romulans had taken with them when they left Vulcan. I'm under the assumption for the sake of this story that Tuvok's clan kept the secret of the weapon or at least understood it's principle tech. Nothing shows firepower better than overkill. As for the visual for the psionic blast, it would look a bit like in the Voyager episode in which Kes fried Tuvok's face as she lost control of her molecular Telekinesis. In this case, it was really Tuvok momentarily losing control on his own powers. When the Vorlons finds out about Tuvok's psionic abilities, they'd either dissect him or mass cloning him as their new weapon.
1/29/2019 c21 Cemalidor
Nice chapter again. :) And yes I remember that book as well, the psionic powers could have 'unfortunate' consequences. And I wouldn't put it past some/several priests that they still would be able to pull impressive stunts, making you points at least plausible. :)
1/17/2019 c20 carick of hunter moon
all told a good mix of characters and ideas that work well to craft a good crossover story
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