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11/17 c13 anon
Love you SBJ! I'm a huge, huge fan and I've been in love with MTH since around 2010. I love the way you write; everything is so vivid, all the characters are colorful and their dialogues are so distinct. Even though this is a story based on the PPG show, you really made the characters evolve into realistic and complex young adults. Even the side characters are really believable. I reread MTH from time to time. I have a huge collection of books but MTH is still my favorite piece of fiction ever. Hope you have know how much MTH had made me laugh, cry and made me just FEEL throughout the years. Thank you. Really.
9/17 c2 Guest
What the heck!
9/4 c13 26Shasta627
I blew through this story all in one day and seriously can't get enough! I'm sure people say this all the time but this story is SO. GOOD. Your characterization of each person is BRILLIANT and seeing their growth throughout the chapters is so delightful and refreshing. Gotta admit the Greens are my fave, and I can't wait to see what you have in store for them. Looking forward to the next chapter! Thank your for writing and sharing this :3
8/30 c13 Guest
guys it’s updated on AO3! This is the link /works/23269978
8/29 c9 Guest
Thanks for making me cry about a fanfic of a show I never watched :*)
8/28 c13 natali.floresuscamayta
Nooo, it overr
I really hope for the next chapter.
Thanks You do much
7/6 c13 Guest
God could these good fanfictions stop leaving us on a fucking cliffhanger!?
7/4 c1 Guest123
GUYS! IT'S BEEN UPDATED IN AO3! there's 15 chapters there! and it even says there it's going to be 21 chapters long, so SBJ is probably working on this right now, it's not on hiatus forever, last update was march this year (and it was amazing). Here's the link: /works/23269978/chapters/55726687?view_adulttrue
6/27 c13 14lookalike5516
this is easily one of the best if not THE best ppg fanfic I've read so far! it's crazy how you do all the characters so well and write the relationships for each colour so so well! I hope so so bad that another chapter will be on its way please because this story is actually so unbelievably good my soul shattered when I realised I'd hit the most updated chapter. I hope you keep writing this, it's actual gold and you have so much talent for this! am really looking forward to the next chapter and really hope you don't plan on dropping this until it truly finishes! take care!
6/26 c13 Nicole
AH! I WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS TO BE THE END! to start - i came here after watching a youtube video that bashed the new reboot and spoke very highly of this fanfic (like many of you). let me just say...holy crap this story was incredibly worth the read. i've binge-read this whole thing in less than a week and i have no regrets. this seriously did not disappoint at all. it was incredibly spot-on personality wise, the story was realistic (for the ppg show), and it was never "too much" or hard to get through. it was just SO AMAZINGLY GOOD and i hope there is more to the story because i do not want this to be the end. seeing that the story was last updated in 2019 gives me a bit of hope. i am so in love with this story and am begging you, dear writer, i'm in neeeed of more!
6/26 c13 Molly Quinn
So, since you haven't updated in two years can I bother you about updating?
6/26 c2 Guest
6/25 c4 lookalike5516
the way you write bubbles and boomer is so cute my heart is melting the rendition in the rain was just so heart warming my soul is departing my body
6/21 c1 taiwoeretan1
Well this was an expected start but some things were surprising like boomers musical talent and bricks ability to dance, seems you're going to do something with that.
6/20 c9 Guest
This chapter hit me hard. I went thru a near break up experience once and I didn't want people to know, but when my mom noticed and tried to ask if I was ok, I ended breaking down and sobbing and my mom just hugged and listened just like the Professor. It felt something EXACTLY like this but put into words. This was wholesome, I REALLY like how you handle Buttercup's character.
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