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10/20 c13 Ben Dover
10/14 c13 1usagi-no-usotsuki
This fic is amazing! I like how you focus on their internal train of thoughts as they progress and change with the events happening around them and about them. I'm also very curious about how you will choose to portray Him when his show time comes and if he will issue a more benign or horrible drawback for Boomer's request. Very, very curious I admit.

Can't wait for next chapter! .
10/6 c13 9nienerz
This is so good! I'm obsessed
9/21 c13 Heiney
Damn this is God tier PPGxRRB fanfic
9/18 c13 Linden3
I just have to say this is the fucking best PPG fan fiction I’ve ever read. Like I love and now I’m sad cuz I was hoping it would be over so I can feel complete and whole, but that’s fine. Boo you keep doing you and update when you and when you want to. Don’t feel pressured to move fast. Thank you so much for this masterpiece, honestly you should look into creating original characters with this same story line and create a book series. I know I would buy it for sure.
8/15 c13 Guest
why the hell is it over?
8/10 c11 SB26
There's so much to talk about in this chapter but I just wanna give props to Butch for how perceptive he is (even if he match up those perceptions with feelings and subsequently put those feelings into words). (I also have a theory about something Butch said last chapter about Brick getting everything he wants, but I'm also pretty sure I'm off the mark.)
7/21 c10 SB26
The Blues are super cute and basically uninhibited with their affection so I'm is worried about them, even with the Boomer's musical talent problem.
I love the subtle transition of Brick going from absolutely hating how Blossom would laser-focused on him, to absolutely hating that she "won't" look at him. And Blossom feeling the same way because (have I said this before?) they both LOVE attention (and who can't relate to being driven crazy and feeling insecure when your crush isn't paying attention to you?). And then Brick almost ruined all the progress he and Blossom had made by asking if he owed her. Oh the hubris.
Butch and Buttercup's relationship really makes me happy in the way that they're solidifying their friendship before anything. Even if Buttercup doesn't have feelings for Butch (yet) and even if Butch is just starting to feel something for Buttercup, they are friends first. And that Buttercup can be herself around Butch even if he doesn't feel that way... like, she knows he doesn't expect anything from her and that's what keeps her drawn to him. I just really love how you've written all these characters and relationships.
7/16 c9 Guest
"She was crazy about him. She'd been crazy about him for the longest fucking time." "She could still feel those years upon years of friendship unfolding into something more within her, something that had ached when he wasn't near, had swelled at the sound of his voice, had wanted every moment they'd spent together to just never end. There'd never been any other option for her."

This chapter always hits me the hardest because I had a breakup similar to this. It was only ever him and he had no idea.

Luckily for Buttercup, now she has someone who knows her.
7/16 c8 SB26
I firmly believe that Buttercup would beat Brick in a fight through sheer force of will. (Also, I'm patiently waiting for Butch to wake tf up lol.)
7/15 c13 Steff
I think about this story all the time. I love re-reading it, and check back every other month. It's been over a year since you posted this last chapter; it may be years until the next. Even if it's never again, I hope that's because your priorities shifted and not because you physically cannot any longer. I hope you're safe despite Covid, and that any update you provide is one saying you're okay. Wishing you all good vibes! 3
6/25 c13 soefi
thank you so much for blessing us with this amazing piece. I hope you're well. I don't know many of the platforms, so I don't know which ones you're talking about when you abbreviate. You're probably not going to see this, but I figured that it doesn't hurt to try.
6/23 c13 Sara
Are you going to continue this? Because i love the way yo develop each chapter 3
6/22 c12 2Zed Lotus
Guys. Chapter 14 has been updated on AO3. I repeat. CHAPTER 14 HAS BEEN UPDATED ON AO3!
6/15 c13 SpicyChipQueen

If you didn’t know, the rest of More Than Human will be posting on AO3!

Chapter 14 is already there!

Stay lovely! Goodbye!
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