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12/5/2010 c5 1SelenaRoX
): Mary...
12/5/2010 c4 SelenaRoX
Hmmm... This story is missing something but, I cant quite figure out what (no offense). (:
12/5/2010 c2 SelenaRoX
12/5/2010 c1 SelenaRoX
This was good but, I honestly think you should have explained more about Dominque's husband. But that was cool. (:
11/13/2010 c13 angelina
9/6/2010 c17 19reallyJavannah
my favorite chapter :)
9/6/2010 c6 reallyJavannah
okay i soaked a tissue literally
9/6/2010 c1 reallyJavannah
woah im like crying here
8/22/2010 c3 8MilitaryBrat10
im never rideing in the front seat again lol
8/11/2010 c17 wannabe.spy
oh my goodness. this was amazing. You should've had them sing New Classic and dance together like the movie, because it was their first onstage thing with each other. x) I loved it though. haha.
7/30/2010 c13 2kelnumone
I can't stop reading. U really twist things up.

Ur 18
7/10/2010 c17 595Ghostwriter
Awesome job. Nicely done. Kevin. The same Kevin Garcia was dating? Because that would be kinda interesting to see how it would develop from the Criminal Minds side of things. Catch ya on the flip side.
6/16/2010 c17 Angelina
haha your good at writing spechhes and btw u used the same wedding scene from lifes a climb and you chaged the dace with my father song to dance with my motherthat song always makes me cry histerically
6/16/2010 c15 angelina
ilyyy this is soo good
6/16/2010 c13 Angelina
awwwww i hope she ssays yes
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