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for The Watchman II: Through the Looking Glass

2/10/2009 c9 32Anonymous Void
Found a couple of errors: "I told you just piercing his lounge wouldn't shut him up!" The "lounge," I think, should be "tongue." Can't find the other one at this time so I'll let you off the hook for it.

Never bust up a man's car; it's one of the unwritten rules of Mandom. You just don't do it unless you kill the owner while you're at it. Otherwise, it gets personal. I knew there was something up with that female driver but Desade's daughter and Blue's sister? Couple more and we'll have ourselves a party.
2/7/2009 c8 9999999996666666
Good job. Stories where the hero dies always make me sad whether it's a book, tv show, movie or game it always makes me sad. I still remember the SPOILER new Prince of Persia game. Even though she comes back it's still sad.
2/7/2009 c7 9999999996666666
Good job. Ravens gonna tear him a new one.
2/7/2009 c8 Ekchj
ah so Gar finally got Raven to see what he truly is(heh, i always expect these two to argue)

Now i wonder if Gar would really kill someone...

is it me, or i usually review every 2 chapters you submitt. heh, sorry about that^^;. sometiems i get lazy to review^^;.

once again, REALLY looking foward to it;)
2/7/2009 c8 Anonymous Void
Gar's finally forced Raven to see the truth of what he is and the kind of enemies they are up against. With this new (or is it old?) bleak look at the situation, things can only get darker from here on in. Looking forward to the inevitable scenes of violence and more than probable action that lies ahead. Three front wars are not good unless you have allies to help on the other fronts though...
2/6/2009 c7 master x 218
So chain boy is free and I think that if Desade, Slade, or even Ripper hurt or try to kill Raven, Wacthman will then kill.
2/6/2009 c7 3Gforce member45
Eroberung oben Deutsche jetzt, ja? Ich zu, haben begonnen zu lernen Deutsche irgendwann leisten jahr. Außerdem, Ich gründen dieses kapitel genau gut. ich erwarten nächste kapitel.
2/5/2009 c6 Gforce member45
Well, it seems almos all the old faces are out of the dark. The board is set and the pieces are moving, albiet a bit quicker then last time, but that means there is just a much larger path beyond the bend.
2/5/2009 c6 9999999996666666
Good job. You can pretty much call it on if a villian is going to escape.
2/5/2009 c5 9999999996666666
Good job. Really understand there fascination with fire. If I had a superpower that would be it. Definately wouldn't need a coat or a heater would save a lot of money. That is my ridiculasly short rant which might not be long enough to be a rant. I wonder?
2/5/2009 c6 Ekchj
ah yes, Boomer and Firefly...i missed themXD

*sigh* Blue just loves to get on Gar's nerves huh? does he know better?(then again, he is a dummy as you stated)

*sarcastic* ge i wonder who's the girl with blue?...

hee hee hee, i'm so excited XXDD.
2/5/2009 c5 master x 218
If I made you mad in my last review, I sorry.
2/5/2009 c6 master x 218
I was listening to music as I was reading these two chapter and in my view a good song for Wacthman to open "if" there was a show made would be "Thoughtless" by KoRn or "Unforgiven I" by Metallica. I know it sounds stupid but, this is your story and your creation. I cann't to help fell that way. Great chapter.
2/5/2009 c6 32Anonymous Void
Wonder who the girl is. I have a bit of a bad feeling about her and something tells me she not Blue's main squeeze.

You did answer the question about Desade, that being what happened to him after Watchman I.
2/5/2009 c5 Anonymous Void
Knowing you, nothing is ever simple. Blue, though, should know better than to get involved with Gar again. Last time he did, Gar burnt his business down and framed him for insurance fraud.

And I don't want to know about the victim. He's alive but terribly burned.
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