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11/17/2017 c1 32Aurora077
6/7/2012 c1 Germany
Exellently written, I could see this being part of the book.
1/16/2011 c1 7sweet-maroon
Thank you for writing this! It is a moment that I think really should have been in the book and you executed it beautifully.

Keep writing,

1/13/2011 c1 26Zenelia
This was. . . touching beautiful poetic real emotional true. I loved it. You had me tearing up at the end as Remus described Harry in his eyes. And Harry with his parents. . . Beautiful! The only way to describe it, and I'm not sure even that does it justice. Thank you so much for writing it! It's going on my favorites - definitely.

9/14/2010 c1 23The Slytherin Devoid
Dammit, whenever i read one of these it never fails to make me wanna cry. nicework :)
4/13/2010 c1 1EnderACullen
So sad, so sweet.
1/8/2010 c1 65Dawn96
So emotional- it truly touched my heart! An very true piece!
9/29/2009 c1 siriuslyseriouspadfootlover
great story! although i wish it could've been longer, you know?
8/31/2009 c1 33Lady Marianne
Wow, that was really good. I had never stopped to consider what that seen could have been like in Remus' or someone else's point of view, but now I do. That was really, really good.
6/1/2009 c1 restinpace
It was cute and sweet.
5/20/2009 c1 R.Caruso
Absolutely brilliant! Very original and well written. Loved it. Great job. :D
4/26/2009 c1 Slytherin-Always
Wow just wow. I never even thought of this moment from the others POV, I was just so focused on Harry I never thought how the others would feel about being summoned back to witness Harry's death.

This was so heartbreakingly tragic especially the "watching your son grow up, knowing that he would never know you, that you could do nothing to help, to support, to guide…" Poor Remus, this part is what started the tears, and I did not really stop until the end. But your fanfic's often make me cry.

I also loved the fact that you still have a slight bit of tragic comedy with Sirius's line "We’ll get to talk him out of this effin’ self-sacrificing business." I did laugh at that.

Oh and that no one tried to see Dumbledore's POV or stand up for him, I am glad that they loathe him.

So well done ~ a truly spectacular one shot.
4/25/2009 c1 see-oh-oh-elle
wow, that was incredible! seriously, the emotion was all perfectly written. you made me cry! :(
3/12/2009 c1 9Lord Lugos
It brings back the pain of DH. The wrongness of every important person in Harry's life dying. Of him being groomed as a 'pig to the slaughter'. Makes me believe in more of the manipulative Dumbles fics, and love the go back in time, or dream the future, to fix the past type fics.

It was well written, too well, to evoke such thoughts. I have read DH only once, and the first four, too many times to count. I'm not sure how I feel about this one shot.
2/21/2009 c1 41MBP
This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read, and it's absolutely no surprise that it came from you. I loved it so much. I really did.

You hit all the right notes in every part of this. I loved the way you characterized the Marauders in the beginning and the way they interacted with each other. I also loved the way you had them get the "summons" to Harry, so to speak. It just... worked.

Their reactions to Dumbledore's plan were spot on. I can't imagine they WOULDN'T have been absolutely furious with him. But Remus would always be the voice of reason, and you've got that perfectly in character here. But the part that broke my heart the most (well, the first part) was James's face while he was holding Lily and how neither of his friends could bear to look at him.

Seeing that last part through their eyes and not Harry's made it so poignant. I'd forgotten how beautiful that moment was in DH, and you really brought it back in all its glory here.

You did such a fantastic job with this. I can't wait to see what you write next.
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