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5/22/2009 c10 8But You Can Call Me Willow
Hm... Unespected. Update soonish.()
5/17/2009 c9 But You Can Call Me Willow
Gr. How can you come and make us normal authors look like idiots? You're just too good! I think that either Shadow or Leafblade is going to die. :(
5/17/2009 c9 3Stonestar
I'm sad! I feel bad that I was the only reviewer last chapter! Sigh... poor Shadow! She is probably my favorite out of everyone at the moment! XD Update soon!
4/28/2009 c8 Stonestar
Yes, it has been a while since you last updated... but I'm not going to kill you! Nice chapter by the way!
3/19/2009 c1 edd
this story is nice but mabye you should !START WRITING MORE!
3/18/2009 c7 8But You Can Call Me Willow
So Willowstar's taken over Shadow... Damn you Willowstar! Have I mentioned what a great writer you are?
3/17/2009 c7 3Stonestar
I like this chapter very much... all in all, one of my favourites! As for Mostar's name, put a hypen between the last 's' in Moss, and the 's' in star. Moss-star. I have done that with some cats, such as Frost-tongue... I have found that it works very well. I hope you update soon!
3/15/2009 c6 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Sigh. It's amazing to see how this story progressed. One mistake: Clifoot should be Cliff-foot. Great story,

Crystalstar MC
3/15/2009 c5 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Woah, neither did I! M, I'm excited! who is this mysterious Fog (as I assume she is called) ? See you next time,

3/14/2009 c6 8But You Can Call Me Willow
Didn't review! *Hits herself over head with stick* So first Willowstar tries to use Shadow, then Leafpaw.Watching Ice age 2 while typing this.
3/10/2009 c6 3Stonestar
Yay! I like it a lot! I hope you update soon!
2/26/2009 c4 17Chikanpo
What's up with Willowstar? I know she's planning something evil! :D and the chapter wasn't too short :3 it was pretty good! Please update as soon as you can!
2/26/2009 c4 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
The lateness is fine! I on't ming just so long as you don't stop! Love this! Agh, the time freeze! I'm worried for the poor Clan. Poor Shadow. Update,

2/25/2009 c4 8But You Can Call Me Willow
Oh good, another new chapter! *Cheers loudly* I agree with Crystalstar Medicine Cat, and I feel so sorry for Leafpaw with such a bad mentor! Go Shadow!
2/19/2009 c3 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
ohh yes! New chapter! This is getting good. Shellpaw has a crush on Robinsky! That's very cute. Poor Goldenstar's just a new leader! take it easy on him, Leafpaw! Poor Shadow, too. Speaking of Shadow: WILLOWSTAR! R I hate her. Anyway, write!

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