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2/18/2009 c3 8But You Can Call Me Willow
Yay! New chapter, new chapter yay! I'm Willow-Ginerva-Alice, so you know and I used to be called Strange and proud.
2/18/2009 c3 4noblepond
Oh bother...-goes off holding and axe to kill Willowstar-...you evil, two-faced, son of a -beep-!-squashes a blushing-bright-red Willowstar!HAH!
2/17/2009 c3 17Chikanpo
Bum bum bum! Willowstar.. I can't wait for the next chapter! And it's definitiy a bonus that it will be longer than this one, cause I didn't think that this one was to short. So that's great! Please update soon!
2/14/2009 c2 Strange and proud
I love it! Youv'e matched the personalitlies(not sure if thats spelt right or not) so greatliy. I don't think many people could have explaned the tension between Mistcloud and the Thunderclan cats so well. Some suggestions and other random bits: The bit at the end... That was Willowstar wasn't it? Now I think that you should mention about how Iceshadow was suprised about Sunclan, and drag that in. Um... Shadow+Spruceclaw? That was random. Other that that your a really good writer.
2/10/2009 c2 21The Damned Goddess
Love the story so far ^^.
2/8/2009 c2 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Ooh, I knew it wouldn't be all rainbows and sunshine! Poor Goldenstar, he's so new. On other subjects, AH! WILLOWSTAR"S GOING TO TAKE OVER SHADOW! Nice twisty! Did I mention that I love your quick updates?

2/8/2009 c1 Crystalstar Medicine Cat
Oh, gah! I didn't even review yet!Bad Crystalstar! This is awesome! Sequel, sequel! :D I love your books. Poor Mistcloud, not up-to-date. Heh :P. WRITE!,

2/7/2009 c2 17Chikanpo
Man, and I thought that Mistcloud was really nice! I feel sorry for Shadow and how the cats speak through her.. I was right on my guess about her powers though! Yays!
2/3/2009 c1 Chikanpo
I like this new fanfic! I think Shadow's power is something to do with communicating with ghosts! Because of the Timestar thing, other wise that would be kinda weird. I really like Shell! She's a catfish! (or I guess you could say fishcat, that might make more sense :3) I like this a lot! Please update it soon! I like that the story has become so long, with 3 parts to it so far! Sunclan, Starcats, and now it has Mistcloud as a main character! This is great!
2/1/2009 c1 Nightmares and Dreams
An exciting start! I have no idea what Shadow's power is, and I really hope you reveal it next chapter.
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