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3/4/2009 c1 3Electra Raven
wow this was so hot! roxy was a naughty little cutie,and axel was a sexy perv.perfect.x3 i totally enjoyed this fic.great job!^_^
2/11/2009 c1 Lei Zhu
Like everyone else said, small grammar errors. Other than that, it was amazing. 8D Wonderful scene.

"I don't want to go to school anymore"!
2/5/2009 c1 18Araea Swiftwind
This was pretty good. You need to work on fixing up some grammar and stuff, but that is a pretty easy fix. Just have someone else look over this and they will probably catch the errors.
2/2/2009 c1 100terra hotaru
This is quite good... but it needs improvement. the scene was well written, but there are spelling errors. and then, suddenly tossing in some japanese words like koibito or seme and uke... doesn't seem right to me... -tilts head to the side- maybe it's just me though.. but yeah.. anyway, this is really well written. but need improvement. good luck on your future fics.

-terra hotaru

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