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for Love will find a Way Or Not

7/22/2010 c22 6Little Silver Rose
1/3/2010 c11 NecromacerInAPuddle
Alice forget about the Newton git


it's just so... so... *wipes away tears of joy and such feelings* AWESOMEDFUL!
11/25/2009 c21 Account Does Not Exist
Great story! PLEASE add an epilogue soon!
9/20/2009 c22 41Echelon1
wowow great story lovved it!

8/30/2009 c22 Lauren
I loved the ending but please make it longer!

I loved the whole story!
8/30/2009 c22 bookwormlove
I loved this story! great job!
8/30/2009 c22 3iLikeLlamas2011
I'm glad that Bella and Edward finally got their happy ending.
8/27/2009 c21 iLikeLlamas2011
I am sad that I could not see Mike's face when Alice announced that Bella would not be making it to the wedding. But I am happy that Edward rescues Bella from Newton and that Jasper and Alice got married.
8/27/2009 c21 2Emmett or Edward
WHAT! what about Bella and Edward!

can u make a sequil! please!
8/27/2009 c21 41Echelon1
omg that was unexpected lol

gd story

cant wait untill the epilogue though!
8/27/2009 c1 ashley
good chapter but a bit confusing if alice and emmett are her brother and sister wouldn't edward be her husmud and i thought see was 17 when she moved to floks and where is edwad and the rest of the cullens also if this is happening after breaking donw then bella has a daughter named reneessme
8/27/2009 c21 4Ezmarelda Elizabeth MacKlintof
yay! Bella got out! I cant wait to read the Epilogue.

I loved the Ending, it was so an Alice thing to do doing that speech and it was so sweet that they got married.

suck eggs newton!
8/25/2009 c1 7randomgirl18
Interesting story plot...but why do they have to get married? I shall continue reading and find out. :)
8/17/2009 c20 3iLikeLlamas2011
Please tell me that Edward stands up at the wedding and objects to Bella marrying Mike.
8/17/2009 c20 4Ezmarelda Elizabeth MacKlintof
I really really really hope that Bella finds out what Mike did and get's back with Edward! I hate the mike of this story and I also hate her parents in this story! I hope those three get what's coming to them!

cant wait to read the next chapter
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