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5/5/2019 c1 Depressednoodle
Yesssss! I'm glad your back
10/14/2017 c6 Danny
Realmente me gusta mucho sigue así y si es posible has con capítulos mas largos si puedes, ademas escribe otra historia de personajes principal de kagome y ikuto.
Espero que no dejes de escribir tus historias te deseo de lo mejor y da lo mejor de ti, buena suerte en tus demás proyectos...
2/7/2017 c6 1inuyasha16451
Love the story. Can't wait to read more chapters as soon as you can get them up.
2/15/2015 c6 o0-SilverMoon-0o
Hey, are you alive? \_( ツ )_/ You haven't update for almost 4 years! o(﹏)o
Plese update, I love your fics! You're awesome (ノヮ)ノ*
Please, I wanna know what happens next with Ikuto, Sesshy and Kags. PLEASE UPDATE!
11/17/2014 c6 FireIce Kitsune Kayla
I like this story and hope to read more of it soon. It really is a great read and very interesting story. Please do continue the story
7/1/2014 c6 OokamiTora Hime
please update
5/4/2014 c6 DarkAngelQueen
I only flame someone if they are being mean to the people who read their stories... For example: the author will write something and then say" if you're too stupid to figure this out this is whats happening..." OR "To the mentally retarded : If you don't know whats going on here, than maybe you should not read and go screw yourself"
Those are the only times I flame authors... I flame the mean ones and never read their stories again...
YOU don't have to worry though... unless you are mean to us readers. And by the way, you are an awesome author... and don't you DARE think otherwise or let other's flame you for their own stupidreasons... besides... the ones that say you are a terrible author are just jealous 'cause you're awesome and they are not...
Sincerely DarkAngelQueen
8/8/2013 c5 Chibiabyss
love it
6/4/2013 c6 Guest
It's interesting but you haven't updated in almost 2 years because it is 11:43 pm on June 4. Please update soon or I'll assume your dead.
2/13/2013 c6 JENOVA's Daughter
I love this story I can't wait till you update.
7/13/2012 c6 visitor 1
I really like this fanfic, hope you update it
4/22/2012 c6 Inactive ONNMT
ok... but i think they r gr8 as they r. plz update whenever. puttin it in alert n faves. congrats, ur the 3rd 1. luv it!

ja ne

ps if i put this be4 its cos lost connection

12/14/2011 c5 PandaBear95
11/21/2011 c3 19Shadow018Wolf
I know this wouod be late but I just read this chap today n also this story but can u please post ur story with jaden kags and jesse pairing fic please... Ive been waiting for a jesse and kag pairing fic n theres hardly a jaden and kagome fic so if it is not too late can u please post d story n by the way great story
11/12/2011 c6 Kagome pairing
I loveeeeeeeeeee this story so far please keep writing your fans beg you. Also what are flames I'm guessing there really mean insults
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