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for Naruto the Angel of Death

5/11 c23 Autobot-Wolfsketch
This is possibly one of my most favorite chapters. The fights were absolutely crazy. Is he insane and that remember the name song reference was perfect
4/30 c1 flys36
Why are the teachers going to be missing for 2 months?
3/25 c27 Guest
Finish story plssssssssss
3/19 c20 MiseryWolf97
Just stumbled into this story, was curious if you are still rewiting it, it's an awesome work and looking forward to how it goes
3/16 c2 Guest
It was riddiculous. At first i thought ohh this is great and now i can't think the same. Kyubi.. she? Being human? Argh silly. Don't tell me the pairing is naruto/kyubi? What's wrong with you? Argh whatever. Can't read more
3/16 c27 NeoLife

You can submit a Copyright strike against this YouTuber
, if they are reading verbatim to your story , this work is copyrightable

Now if they get their video back up after a copy right strike , you can earn compensation by taking legal actions against that YouTuber

I previously was a contract worker for a corporation trust and safety field specifically for the copyright team
3/2 c2 SkyNeves
Wow... Middle school age is right...D*MN this chapter felt like it was written by someone who was just watching DxD and ecchi animes for the first time lol.
It's not bad but it's not great either, like bringing up techniques from One Piece and making Kurama female, like why? The Narutoverse already had a lot of techniques and females, hell you've got Mei, Samui and so many others next door and even have Kurenai l, Anko, the female anbus and lots more there was zero need for at least kurama having a gender.

But at the same time I can understand why Kurama would be "female" but not the shifting, it's unnecessary unless you're into having fanservice or making her datable.

Kurama being female makes sense when we imagine that most jinchuuriki's have male physics and the only female jinchuuriki is matatabi and she also has a female voice. But the body might be because of the Uzumakis who had "her" before.
Another thing is the whole "demon/demoness" thing which would be better if you called them beasts or entities because they where made by Haguromo but since you didn't want to fix those plot holes it's whatever.

I could go on and on about so many things both with Kurama and with what we've been shown so far but I'll consider this a complete AU with similarities to the Canon timeline.
1/27 c27 Danny R Williams
Hopefully they can stop this stealing of other people hard work.
This story definitely worth keeping.
1/9 c27 DracoKing30
really love this story can't wait for new chapters
1/9 c25 midnightscar17
Please update soon
1/3 c27 6Kuma Akuma
Thanks for posting about this. I just checked his channel and apparently MY stuff is on there too. Totally surprised. I'll make a post about this myself. Thanks so much! Sorry this is happening.
12/24/2023 c27 spiritwolf35
Hell I thought this story was abandoned and dead in a ditch since I havent seen and up to it for a very very very long time well glad your still writing I do have to admit this story was pretty good
12/19/2023 c27 1deathincarnate65
if you know what video it is go and copywrite it.
12/19/2023 c2 TwinstarDragon
While I just started reading this( it is good so far) shouldn’t Naruto be asking about the Uzumaki clan? Since he doesn’t Know his parents and would not know about the clan since nobody ever told him anout his heritage till he finds out completely later when he became an adult/hokage and only learn about his parents when he became a teenager/young adult in shippuden
12/16/2023 c15 10Marcii Winters
Okay, I really gotta ask
I'm p sure the Kyubi is the major love interest, but considering how close Haku and Naruto got during the Wave mission, is this gonna be Naru/Multi pairing fic?
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